DenTek  Triple Clean Floss Picks

DenTek Triple Clean Floss Picks

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My dentist recommended this product to me, especially when flossing in hard to reach places, and you don't have to worry about losing your grip on the floss, or the floss digging into your fingers. It's defiantly the better option when flossing.

I keep these in my purse for the entire family. But I love the unexpected uses; for example quickly cleaning under dirty nails.

Convenient to have! Love that they easily floss your teeth!

I like these picks way better than the ones with a scrubbie thing on the end. More gentle on the gums.

no complaints works same as all oters on the shelves

Keep some in the car for emergencies.

Really convenient for on the go, but hard to reach back teeth.

Ok, so they're not for everyone, but I have to say I love these things!! I got a couple from my dentist during my last cleaning, and I'm hooked. They're easy for on the go, and I love the pick at the end.

I had a couple coupons for these and they were on sale for 10 for 10 so I picked up 2 bags. These are absolutely horrific. My main complaint is the thickness, they're a little hard to get between my back teeth and nearly impossible to get back out. Sometimes I had to use so much force to get it in it hurt and once I had to CUT IT OUT because I was afraid it was going to break off a piece of my tooth coming out. Also, theyre prone to fraying within the firwt couple of teeth. I think ill stick to my plackers from now on. Dont waste your money!

Anyone who has struggled with dental floss that you have to pull from the container and cut to the proper length will be happy with this flosser. In fact, it is best to carry these in the wallet or purse when food tends to get stuck between the teeth. The floss is strong enough to get between tight teeth and the pick at the end is good for gentle scraping or getting particles from tight areas. I keep these everywhere, in the car, purse and at home and get mad when I can't find one.

These DenTek are super convenient than the regular floss you have to tug and pull just to cut a piece of floss to clean you teethes

I think this type of dental floss is so much easier that the wrap around the teeth kind with your fingers. You just need to be careful not to do it to fast and miss the tooth while your cleaning.

It's okay but when I use it on the tighter spaces between my teeth, the floss stretches. I've used floss picks before that didn't do that so not really a 5-star.

great product makes taking care of your teeth so easy

I have been using this product for a while now and I love it! Its a scrubbing floss,textured pick a tongue cleaner and has advanced fluoride coating! My teeth feels so much cleaner!