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  • Meganks8 By  Meganks8    

    I loved this book. Can't wait to read it when I have kids.

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  • bwarnick27 By  bwarnick27    

    I consider this book and classic. I remember reading it when I was growing up/ and now my son reads it. Very cute little story!

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  • mkel23 By  mkel23    

    Cute little childen's book!

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  • abccreativelearning By  abccreativelearning    

    This is one of my daughters favorite books! We actually have two copies in our book shelf :)

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  • LoveAO By  LoveAO    

    Love it! Going to read it to my daughter when shes a bit older!

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  • angel75601 By  angel75601    

    Love this book! So cute! Love the rhyming and the easy to read words for kids :)

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  • mommyhastowork By  mommyhastowork    

    This a perfect book for children!

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  • Jackie9641 By  Jackie9641    

    So, this was her first. Since then, there's been "If you give a moose a muffin" and "If you give a pig a pancake" and others. These are treasures. My daughter is 22 and I still get her whichever new one has come out in the series. They're fun, beautifully illustrated books that will become timeless treasures.

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