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  • mcgillda By  mcgillda    

    Dr Seuss

    Dr. Seuss Green Eggs & Ham is a classic. I don't know any child who doesn't enjoy Dr. Seuss books. I remember making green eggs and ham for my youngest when he was little. I also remember reading this to my kids when they were little and now my grand-kids.

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  • hjropp By  hjropp    

    Dr. Seuss Green Eggs & Ham

    Dr. Seuss Green Eggs & Ham is a classic treasure. A creative, fun and silly book to enjoy with the kids!

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  • QueenBDiaries By  QueenBDiaries    

    I love this book for the simple fact that it got two of my picky eaters to try new foods.

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  • MariaReviewsAll By  MariaReviewsAll    

    She a classic

    We've all read our share of the great Dr. but this is one of my favs. The rhymes are amusing and I don't know any child who doesn't enjoy this story

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  • Brittanysparkles00 By  Brittanysparkles00    

    I love this book. I remember my teacher making green eggs and ham in school when I was little. I hope that teachers still do that with kids. It gets them into trying something new to eat.

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  • jmorris2 By  jmorris2    

    A book like no other

    I love this book as well as the students in my class. It is read every year and we also prepare green eggs and ham. The children love it and have so much fun during all of the activities that are done.

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  • TinaVictoria0 By  TinaVictoria0    

    Green Eggs and Ham

    Green Eggs and Ham is another one of my son's favorite books! It's wonderful! I use this book often to get him to try new foods and it works!

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  • JacqueS By  JacqueS    

    When my daughter was little this was her favorite book. Before bed every night we had to read this book and more than once. I had this book memorized. She is a Mom now and her son is the same way! They also have to read it every night. It is fun and entertaining it also has words that they learn before they are supposed to due to the rhymes. In my book this is one of the classics!

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  • Jwhalley By  Jwhalley    

    Such a fun book to read. It is one of those books that can not be read only once & you will forever be saying lines from the book too! Love Dr. Seuss

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  • elsmarlouamrman By  elsmarlouamrman    

    Easy to read, easy to follow, a predictable read. Great to make connections with - make some green eggs and ham for breakfast to go along with this story

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  • jessicarhandley By  jessicarhandley    

    I love this book. I remember my teacher reading this to me in school. Then we would always have green eggs and ham for dr seuss birthday. This is a classic book and even my kids enjoying reading. They laugh at the silly things sam does threwout the book.

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  • SimplyLesa By  SimplyLesa    

    Love Dr. Suess. Absolute Classic book. Great book to share with your children.

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  • Pdx_Baby By  Pdx_Baby    

    Absolute classic! I have read this to all four of my boys, ages 24 to 1. Fun rhythmic tempo. Easy enough for early readers. It's a point of social reference ( kiddy pop-culture) for most children. I still think it's enjoyable after the millionth time!

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  • JRecinos92 By  JRecinos92    

    "I do not like them Sam I am! I do not like them here! I do not like them anywhere!" I think I probably read this book over 100 times as a child. I remember vividly celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday in school by eating green dyed scrambled eggs and Ham. I really think any child who is read this story will fall in love with it and will hopefully cherias it as much as I did as a child myself.

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  • willow3399 By  willow3399    

    Another classic "must have" from Dr. Seuss. Loved this books as a child!

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