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  • donnab1 By  donnab1    

    OMG,, this is fabulous!! I could eat it right out of the container. I put it on bagels and toast, but sometimes just grab a spoonful when I open the fridge. This could be dangerous to my weight loss plans.

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  • bubbymama09 By  bubbymama09    

    I absolutely love this stuff! It's more versatile to be able to use as far as dips & desserts go. I've had it in both, as well as just plain on some fruit or cinnamon toast. But regardless, it's always delicious! Today I'll be trying it out inside a homemade pop-tart, yum!

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  • kaseycoots By  kaseycoots    

    I love this product! I do an insane amount of baking and have been using this in a lot of recipes. It is really awesome all by itself on a strawberries. There are also a lot of great coupons for this as well.

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  • NikkiLee819 By  NikkiLee819    

    what a delicious way to enjoy two of my favorite things, chocolate & cream cheese! You get the indulgence of chocolate and add to that the creaminess & slight tang of cream cheese! I have used this as a dip for pretzels & fruit.I created an amazing recipe for a cake frosting using this. The more I use it, the more ways I find to incorporate it into recipes! I love,love, love this.!

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  • Medderl By  Medderl    

    I bought this product for my son's birthday party, I got it to dip pretzels in. I got it for the adults but we didn't even get a chance to eat it because the kids devoured it! I will have to buy it agin!

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  • NBgirl By  NBgirl    

    I love the dark chocolate, my favorite! I like it on graham crackers.

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  • iris3039 By  iris3039    

    This indulgent treat is great with strawberries.

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  • pixiesparkles By  pixiesparkles    

    I love this on my breakfast bagels, a bit high in calories though

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  • Erzse01 By  Erzse01    

    OMG! Amazing! Highly recommend! I've tried the milk chocolate and have the dark chocolate in my fridge! So good!

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  • Viidea By  Viidea    

    So good its dangerous! Luckily it never lasts long around here!

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  • nursebunny By  nursebunny    


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  • Argentugal By  Argentugal    

    two thumb up. love it.

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  • tnshadylady By  tnshadylady    

    I tried this when a co-worker brought some in for a snack. WOW!! Definitely going on my shopping list!

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  • neastwoodm By  neastwoodm    

    Oh my gosh! One word says it all YUM

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  • diamondmooneyes By  diamondmooneyes    

    I was surprised to see this product but absolutely loved it. I am a huge Dark Chocolate fan and this is the one that I tried. It has so many uses. It can make an ordinary snack seem so much more luxurious! It can be spread on fruit (strawberries are an amazing option) or on bagels. The possibilities are limitless.

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