AMOREPACIFIC Treatment Cleansing Foam

AMOREPACIFIC Treatment Cleansing Foam

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This is an awesome cleanser. A little goes a long way, so it's a really great deal. It foams up very nicely and gives a great clean feeling. I think it would be good for most skin types - since i have combination skin and it worked well!

AWESOME. My skin feels so clean and soft

I love that you only need a small amount and it goes such a long way! My favorite from cravebox by far!!

Very light smell with this cleanser. It did a great job of cleaning my face without stripping it of moisture. I love how a small drop is added to warm water to make a foamy cleanser. This small tube will last me months. This is a quality product - one I would recommend!

I love it only takes a tiny bit to lather up to clean my whole face , also has a nice smell. This really makes my skin so soft & smooth, I would buy it if it wasn't so expensive.

This is not a product I would ordinarily purchase on my own but it's a fantastic product. The price is way out of my normal range and I wish I could say I'd recommend the product to a friend but at $50 for 4oz there's just no way anyone I know would purchase it. I LOVE it though, it's a fantastic cleanser! When I use it my face is luminous, I use moisturizer as well but I usually look greasy. My skin was smooth and not over dry and not too oily either. I love the way this product foams and since I wasn't sure how much to use I used a bit more than I should have the first go round but it's great to know it only takes a very small amount to clean your entire face (an added bonus since it's so expensive, it would last a lot longer than normal).

Love this stuff. My skin is so clean and soft after using the Amore Pacific Cleansing Foam. It feels and smells so nice while I'm washing my face. I also like that it is gentle and non drying so I can wash my face twice a day with no problem.

I really enjoy using this, my one concern is that my skin does feel a little dryer after I use it. But the clean I feel is worth it.

I love love love the way this feels on my skin. It is so silky and smooth. It does not leave your skin oily, if anything it surprisingly leaves your skin feeling a little dry and tight, more tight than dry but the feeling definitely makes you feel to put some moisturizer on. The smell is wonderful but the only thing I would like to change about this is to add more exfoliating beads.

Marvelous!!! Simply Marvelous!!!!! This is how this product makes my skin feel!!!!!LOVE IT!!!!!!

I really like this product. It doesn't leave my face greasy or too dry and a little bit goes a long way. I have been a tried and true user of a face product for many years and I would seriously consider switching.

I love the cleansing foam! It made my face feel clean and fresh and removed all traces of makeup with just a small pea sized amount. I normally use a Bath and Body Works product for my face, but this felt so much better! I love the product, hate the price! Can't afford $50.00 a tube at this time. Thanks for the luxury of trying it out though, I'm going to enjoy using each drop of it!

I love the face wash! The smell is divine and I really like how it foams up with just a tiny amount..

I started using this the night I received my Cravebox. Right away, I love the smell. Very nice, not overpowing. Does not smell like a cleanser, just smells clean. I love that it only takes a tiny, pea size amount to clean my whole face. For the price, I think it would last you quite a while only using that amount each time. Love the way my skin feels clean, without being sticky or dry.

Love the cleanser! I only use the size of a pea and add a drop of water and let the cleansing begin. It smells great very fresh scent. It cleaned my face well and left it smooth and soft. I needed some extra moisture though because my skin is very dry so I applied lotion after cleansing as I usually do. A 4oz. tube is $50.00 so it is not something I will continue to buy. If it were not so expensive I would buy this because it is a good product.