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  • Kapries By  Kapries    

    I am not one to write a review, and I am rather skeptical of natural remedies as I have found in the past that they don't usually work that great but I have to say, this stuff works really well! My 2 year old daughter has had a very nasty cold, has been sick for 6 days, coughing, runny nose, and just miserable. I tried the night time formula for the first time last night. I was shocked to see how quickly her cough calmed down. She slept soundly from around 8 p.m. until around 2 a.m. Then woke up coughing again. I gave her another dose at this time, and it stopped her from coughing instantenously and she slept the rest of the night. The night prior to this, I had tried Dimetap cold and cough for children (per pediatrician recommendation), and I found it did not work nearly as well as the Zarbees. I am so glad I tried it, because I feel so much better about giving her something more natural, and the fact that it works better than the traditional cold medicine puts me at ease. This will now be my go to cough syrup when my kids are sick!

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  • sirbills By  sirbills    

    I bought this for my daughter and it seemed to work well and she slept all night without waking up and coughing.

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  • Mommyofthree By  Mommyofthree    

    I have tried this and liked it for children who are not old enough for over the counter medicine. But I think giving a child honey and cinnamon works the same.

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  • Seafoam18 By  Seafoam18    

    Over the counter cold medications do not help younger ages. When a baby gets a cold all you could do was tough it out. This product is able to be used for those younger ages and helps somewhat but it is a trade off. I find that a spoon full of honey helps just as much as this medication. I love that a brand thought of those younger ages and tried to come up with a solution to over the counter medication. But honey is cheaper.

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  • lgriffey By  lgriffey    

    Works great, I've even used it.

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  • mirnavega08 By  mirnavega08    

    I use this for my two year old when ever he is sick. I love it because I have no issues with him actually taking it and it's natural.

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  • Britwilkinson By  Britwilkinson    

    I have never had this but I will try it.

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  • Laura2008 By  Laura2008    

    Great natural way to treat the common cohgh and cold symtoms. I am never without this product, . My daughter lovez the sweet flavor and the fatc that it really helps without the use of other medications! Go natural and organic remedies!

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  • luvmyrunts0913 By  luvmyrunts0913    

    I bought this medicine a few days ago and it is working amazingly well for both my boys ( 4 yr old & 1 yr old). I love the fact that i can give them both one medication and have it work so well for both of them, i will definitely be buying this product again.

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  • nannasthebest By  nannasthebest    

    I just purchased the cough + mucus relief syrup for my 15 month granddaughter, she has a horrible dry cough that makes her cry along with a little wheezing with a runny nose. I would normally buy the usual Tylenol, Pediacare, etc. but I decided to try this. I don't write reviews BUT this stuff works amazingly. I gave the first dosage at 8ish this morning repeated three times. She is sleeping like a newborn baby, no coughing, and no wheezing. I love this and will purchase more products in the future if applicable for my granddaughter. I will tell my friends.

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  • josseline By  josseline    

    i love this i like it because its natural and the taste its really good.. it works really great

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  • LADyBUGG31 By  LADyBUGG31    

    i love this product, it tastes great .. me and my daughter like it & i think she's actually falling asleep from it already . lOl

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  • Kaylamandis By  Kaylamandis    

    We love this for my 2 yo. He likes the taste and I like the relief it provides him.

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  • violetrose By  violetrose    

    Love thios cough syrup. love that is all natural and works great!

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  • mrtoppi By  mrtoppi    

    I tried this for my daughter and she couldn't get past the taste of it. She cried when I tried to get her to drink more. I tried it myself and it was gross. I just wish it tasted better, because I really wanted to see how well it worked.

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