Tylenol PM

Tylenol PM

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This product is ok. It is basically just Tylenol and benadryl mixed together. So it is good for your allergies. Being from the healthcare profession I typically lean against taking Tylenol on a regular basis due to protecting your liver. Yet, occasionally should be fine as long as the directions are followed and you drink it with the proper amount of water. The benadryl will help you sleep due to it's "drowsy" effect on most people. The tylenol is usually for if you are in pain. So honestly, if you just want it for the sleepiness, regular benadryl is better. If you do need it for pain relief that is fine, just please make sure not to use it on a daily basis. You can easily get off brands of benadryl. Just make sure before you think you are saving money you look at the dosage in the back. Sometimes companies will be miss leading by providing an off brand that has the same amount of pills, just lower dosage so you have to take more to get the same effect and you wind up paying more.

Not for people with serious sleep problems This did absolutely nothing for me sadly 😢 I have serious trouble sleeping, and I've tried everything there is and was so hopeful this would work as I have Spina bifida occulta so pain is a major reason I have so much trouble sleeping I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep and the 4 nights I tried this I was stuck wide awake all night