ABC Once Upon a Time

ABC Once Upon a Time

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I am completely hooked on this show and am so glad that it is back on. I never would have thought they could make a show of fairytale characters live in our world today and make it believable but they did.

This show recently caught my eye once again. I watched the first season on Netflix sometime last year and then kind of dropped it after because season two wasn't on the website and I didn't like how long it took for Emma to come around. Now I've watched season three and IT BLEW ME AWAY. I'm completely in love with this show and interested to see where it goes next season.

THis is the best show ever! Its fairy tales with a twist and every episode gets better and better. For the inner disney child in all of us!

Once Upon A Time is one of my favorite TV shows. My daughter and I watch it every Sunday. I love all the fairy tale characters and I like how the characters stories connect.

Great show. Interesting twists on some well known fairy tale characters.

I LOVE this show! My husband doesn't want to watch it at all which makes me a little sad. He sees that its about fairy tales and doesn't want to watch it. I love all the characters it is a great cast and I can't believe how they intertwine everything and everyone! The spin off show once upon a time in wonderland was great as well!

They Are bringing frozen to once upon a time it's going to be a great show I'm very excited and reading Twitter feeds all week long

This has become a regular at my house very week where I actually watch w/my 7 and 11 year. Especially now that they introduced the characters to Frozen we love it even more.

I'm not usually into shows like this but as soon as I started watching I couldn't stop. I binge watched every season and haven't missed a single episode of season 4. Once Upon A Time has given me a newfound respect for shows involving magic and fairytales. This is by far my favorite show on television right now. I am not looking forward to the end of the season!

Love, love, love this show. We tape it every week and binge watch it. Love doing this. Love how they incorporate the different characters. Very original. I have loved every season and always look forward to the next season.

Excellent show for the whole family I am a huge fan of this show. I love how they re-created some of the big Disney movies into real life Disney story. They have also made some twists and surprises with some of these Disney stories they have remade in this show. I think it?s perfect for the whole family to watch and enjoy some of the changes and excitement it has to offer. Brilliant director with creating this show. Very entertaining with the same Disney fantasy appeal.

Great family show I love this show. I've always loved Disney movies or fairytales and this show has taken that and made it great for adults! I also like that I don't have to turn it off when my kids walk into the room because it's clean and family oriented!

They have done a wonderful job with this show. Each episode is entertaining!

Loved this show! Such an amazing show! I absolutely loved every single character and there storyline! I can't wait for the next season but I'm sad a lot of the main character won't return. But still excited!

Favorite show! One of the best shows out there! My favorite show and I could binge watch it all day long! Can't wait for the new season to get here already! I miss seeing Hooks beautiful face!! :-)