Bic for Her Retractable Gel Pens

Bic for Her Retractable Gel Pens

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The gel in these pen does not come out consistently, meaning I have to rewrite things over and over again. Very frustrating. I'd never purchase.

They write very smooth when they do write... I am finding that the ink does not come out consistently!

I was not thrilled with these pens when I saw them in the package because I thought they were way too wide to be comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised though, and I choose them over other pens often. The only problem I have noticed is that when they haven't been used for a couple days, the ink is a bit tricky to get started again. They could also be a bit smoother when writing on the paper, but I think that is from the actual tip and has nothing to do with the ink.

I liked the pink and purple/scroll design on the outside of the pen, gave it a little something besides being a solid color. Black gel ink is black gel ink. The pens wrote fine. Just need to give time for the ink to dry so that there is no smudging.

I love gel pens and even more knowing that these were made for women. They write smoothly and they are very cute in color and design!

Very happy! Writes very smooth! Nice to have a different color in my planner!

Loved the feel, the way it wroteandthe design. Will be buying these in the future.

These came in fun colors of pink and purple. Not something I'd ordinarily purchase, but I enjoy using these. They cheer me up when I'm writing an extensive grocery list. :) I wish they were much slimmer, so I could slide one into my checkbook holder, but they're much too bulky to fit.

I love the colors and they write awsome!

These pens look nice and I initially thought they would be great but they really do not write all that smoothly. As another reviewer noted there is a problem with the ink smudging - especially with left-handers like me! Overall, these are good, all-purpose pens but they aren't the types of pen you go hunting down when someone swipes them from your desk or purse!

The pens were really cute and I was excited about the colors. Unfortunately the ink doesn't come out smoothly. It is scratchy and leaves gaps in the writing.

I gave these away as a stocking stuffer although I really did not want to part with them :) Rave reviews from the recipient.

Awesome pens and in my colors! I have had such fun writting letters and cards to friends and using my purple and pink pens. I bought some other brand at Office Depot and to be honhest they suck! I paid around 3 dollars for those bad pens that dried out and never did write nice and smoothly. These new Bic retractable pens make me smile and allow me to have fun writting any and everything! I am making list after list of what i need to do each day withmy fun pens and loving them! Thank you for great pens!

I like pens. what can I say. These are nice and pretty. It adds a special touch to a note or card to have nice ink like the gel pens.

Great pen!! I Love it! Thanks