BiC for Her Retractable Ball Pens

BiC for Her Retractable Ball Pens

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I love everything about these pens! The point size, the smoothness of the ink, the ink colors, the smooth ball movement, the grip, the style...just everything! Five stars Bic! Well done...well done:)

Love love love these. I used them daily for work.

Cute color. Love the pens.

These pens were very fun. I loved the colors of the pens and the colored ink. However, I would not use them for things like paying bills and writing deposit slips. To do business or professional things I prefer black or blue.

I love these pens! The pink and purple ink are so bright and fun. I will be using these A LOT.

I love the pink/purple ink, they are now my most used pens! And the barrel design is so pretty too.. very feminine. I like the black ink pens as well, but had some trouble with them at first. The point had ink all all over it and it wouldn't write until I wiped it off with a paper towel. They work much better now. My husband is a pen snatcher as well, and although he will probably leave the pink/purple pens alone, the black with red design are in danger. I am already missing one of them! But I am happy to share.. kind of. :)

The pens were great. They write really well and had a cute design. I wasn't too excite about pens in the crave box though.

The pens write very nicely, and the color is very pretty and bright. My 6 year old daughter loves the colors, but I don't think I will have much use for them other than grocery lists. I was worried because they were very wide pens, but they are comfortable to write with.

I liked the color design on the outside of the pens and also the pink and purple ink inside. Would love to see this pen come in green and red ink for writing out Christmas cards. Easy to use.

Nice pens!! Comfortable to use and cute colors.

Love the colored ink. It adds a bit of pizzazz! And the best part is I know my sons will not be taking them from me!

I thought they were lovely but just found out this week when I used them that they write in pink and purple. Perfect Love!

Smooth writing, cute pens. I put one in my purse and one in the car. And I don't worry about my hubby stealing these since they are pink and purple!

Love pens, you can never have enough pens. Shared them with my daughter, love the colors.

You can never have too many ink pens. I love that these are feminine--it means it won't end up in my husband's military uniform pocket. lol