Carol V. Aebersold and Chanda A. Bell The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition

Carol V. Aebersold and Chanda A. Bell The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition

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We love the Elf on the Shelf! We started the tradition last year when our kids were 12, 3 and 1 and this year the four year old was overjoyed to see the elf appear on December 1st! He finally named him this year, Joseph, and i love the imaginative questions that our Joseph Elf sparks and the interesting conversations we have because of him. Our 13 year old likes finding new perches for him and even our two year old seems much more aware of him this year. I wish I had had an elf like this when I was a kid!

I work in a retail environment and we have an elf. When children are not listening to mom and dad, I tell them the elf story. A lot of the time the parents tell me they have an elf at home too. Well, after they see the elf their behavior changes, usually.

We got our elf 2 years ago..After all suggestions they decided to name him Elfy SnowflakeMy children(5) all love him..Every morning they wake up and rush to see who can find him first. I am so glad that we have this new family tradition. He always arrives the day after Thanksgiving,

We just got our elf 'Lil Jingle' yesterday. My twin 4 year old girls are so into this idea. Excited to talk to him and get up and look for him every morning. It's fun for me to be creative with his new sitting place every night.

Our friend Elf is a hit in our house! My 3 year old twins love to look for him throughout the day! Sometimes I feel like I might get caught! I do think it has help bring some of the childish fun back to Christmas! What a great toy and friend in our family!

We live in Georgia and a friend teaches there. We had planned a trip for last week to New York City. And her elf stowed away in her suitcase. Every day we sent pictures back to the class letting them see how the Elf had enjoyed the trip. He was hiding in the suitcase at check in at the airport, rode in the front seat of a NYC cab, visited many other places. The children looked forward to the next text!!! It was so much fun.

I'm a first grade teacher and many of my students have the Elf on the Shelf. They can't stop talking about it- they absolutely love it! They told me he watches how they behave at home so they can stay on the nice list. If only he could watch their behavior at school!

Our children have named our elf "Frosty". They both love and fear him! lol They know that if they find him in a different location in the morning, that means that Frosty has gone back to the North Pole to report to Santa as to whether or not they've been naughty or nice since the last time he's moved in the home. Our home has an open floor plan, so Frosty is generally positioned somewhere where he is in perfect view of the actions of the children. He enforces fairly good behavior from our children at this time of the year. :0)

A friend of mine gave this to us three years ago and it has started such a wonderful tradition in our house. I recommend this to anyone with young children. It's now one of my favorite gifts to give.

I love Elf on A Shelf, it's an adorable story, and the kids get very excited each morning looking around for where the elf is hiding. It is a lot of fun for them, and a lot of fun for me at night when I decide where to put that little elf next!

This is a very good book for children! My grandson is 3 and he loves it! His mom reads it to him quite a bit and he really liked giving his elf a name and also trying to figure out where he is everyday! I would've never thought something like this would catch on quite like it has but...

This has been a truly wonderful book and tradition that our family has now adopted. The way the ladies created the story to go with the Elf was just brillant. Our daughter loved that she got to name the Elf and that she doesn't know where he will be the next day.