McDonald's Restaurant

McDonald's Restaurant

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I have never been a real big fan of McDonalds, except for their sweet iced tea. For me I think the biggest turn off is that it cost more to be health conscious and eat out then it does to put so many bad things in your body. I do however like that they have made so many positive changes with their menu, including the one for kids.

It's hard to beat a happy meal, glad that they down-sized the fries in them and added the apple slices

Love the chicken nuggets and salad.

Oh my my mcdonalds, what have you secretly put in those big macs to keep my mouth watering upon thinking about them? It really hurts to eat such a fattening meal but come on? Who cant resist a little splurge here and there? I just exercise extra to try to compensate for the intake, lol. Hmm..does anyone notice they dont keep you full for very long? Why does no one rate mickey dees good? Id love to hear some feedback on this mcdonalds review.

Not loving it... I'ts Ok for a passing trough if you can't find something else.

I receive store flyers & coupon inserts every Tuesday in the mail - even though I don't subscribe to a newspaper. McDonald's had a small coupon book with several good coupons - a lot of BOGOs that are good through the end of the year. On the last page - it said if you buy or reload a McDonald's Arch Card with $25 - you'll receive a coupon booklet with $150 worth of savings - several from McDonald's but others were places from inside the Entertainment coupon book. These coupons were not effective until near the end of December and were good through the end of January. I bought a $25 Arch card & have been using it with all of my current McD's coupons and now I have the coupon booklet to use next month too.