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  • s032982 By  s032982    

    this is an easy travel drink! Instead od making a mess in my kitchen, this is my go to drink! Not a bad flavor, but I add pomo into it to make it even better!

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  • jcatt77 By  jcatt77    

    I just had this for the first time and thought it was pretty good! True, it is not exactly like a freshly prepared on the rocks drink, but for something pre-made, and relatively low calorie, I thought it was pretty good. Price point is a bit high, yes - you are paying for the name.

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  • MilWifeAsh By  MilWifeAsh    

    I agree with the previous review. This drink is far from "Delicious". Doesn't taste like a margarita. I think alot of people are just buying it because of the popular woman backing it. Don't fall for it. Save the $15-20 you'll spend on one bottle and go buy a few other things instead.

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  • kristina3150 By  kristina3150    

    By far the most disgusting think I have ever drank. Taste's nothing like a margarite, taste's a lot more like drinking rubbing alcohol. Its better if its ICE cold, all though by the time it was ice cold I was already a little tipsy so I could've just been getting use to the taste. If your looking for a 'skinny' drink... Going with a clear liqour and diet pop is much better then shelling out the $ for this. I was really excited about it too, so disappointed.

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