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  • AlwaysForever By  AlwaysForever    

    I love the smell,but It was too gentle, my roots needed to be washed by the day.

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  • jcatt77 By  jcatt77    

    Great price for a shampoo that really works quite well and smells great! My hair feels smooth and healthy after using too!

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  • Shygoodangel777 By  Shygoodangel777    

    I like the smell and it's pretty good!

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  • jagreen0621 By  jagreen0621    

    Did not leave my hair feeling clean at all. By the end of the day my hair felt and looked greasy.

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  • Mbvolley21 By  Mbvolley21    

    I really like this Shampoo/Conditioner. I have used the Aveda equivalent and actually like the Suave version better. I have had difficulty/sensitivity to Suave shampoos in the past making my shoulders/back break out, but this product did not do the same thing. My only "negative" is that I've used it now for 3 large bottles in a row and I think as turns out to be the case with most shampoos - every now and then, you need a change to give, or take some of what the current product is lacking or giving too much of... I love the smell and the look of my hair - the price for the quality can't be beat!

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  • crawfishkg By  crawfishkg    

    I love this shampoo! It smells awesome and makes your scalp tingle. It helps wake me up in the morning.

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  • AlmostSAHMommy By  AlmostSAHMommy    

    I love love love the smell of this shampoo!

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  • pamalalit By  pamalalit    

    One of the best shampoos I've ever tried. Mild on your scalp yet invigorating. The smell is divine and so energizing.

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