Torani Pumpkin Pie Syrup

Torani Pumpkin Pie Syrup

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I love that there's no corn syrup in this product, I totally expected to see it on the ingredients list. So even though no syrup could ever truly be healthy for you, this one at least has pure cane sugar instead of corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup. The taste is great and we're so happy we got to try this product.

I've been in Hogwarts heaven trying out this product! Pumpkin milk, pumpkin juice...I'm going to buy a bottle of seltzer water so I can make pumpkin soda too! If I could figure out my husband's ancient drip coffee maker I'd be making myself pumpkin lattes and be permanently buzzed probably :) It's very pumpkin-y and sweet. At 100cals per serving I have to be careful not to overdo it :) I mixed it with cold coconut milk and it was like drinking slice of pumpkin pie with whipped topping! Then I mixed it with some applejuice and water and it tasted like pumpin juice from Hogwarts! I HIGHLY recommend this flavor! I haven't been to a Starbucks this season, but thanks to the Torani Flavored Syrup Pumpkin Pie flavor, I'm not missing out on my favorite overpriced seasonal pumpkin drinks! Here's the link to my blog post about it:

I really enjoyed this flavor syrup in my coffee. It gave just the right sweetness and spice. My husband loved it as well and we have been fighting over it since! Glad the bottle is so big s there is plenty to share!

Great tasting in a latte!!

I like pumpkin flavored foods and this syrup was exactly what I expected - maybe even a little better. I thought the flavor was natural and without an artificial taste that you can sometimes find in these types of products. The amount of spices were just right and I thought the addition of the syrup to my coffee was nice and light. I can't wait to try other flavors. Check out my review here! LOVE flavored hot chocolae :)

Quite honestly, I'm not a fan of anything pumpkin related. Fortunately, I have a neighbor who LOVES anything and everything pumpkin. Plus, she's also a heavy duty coffee drinker. I decided to make her day by giving her my bottle of Torani Pumpkin Pie with the stipulation that she had to let me know how she liked it and how she used it. I followed up with her the other day and found that she loved it. She had been mixing a small amount of Torani Pumpkin Pie with milk, heating it up, and then adding it to her coffee. She plans on making Torani part of her coffee routine!

Oh boy! My Torani Flavored Syrup samples were on my front step when I got home from work Tuesday. Last night after dinner, I made a cup of coffee, added some Torani Hazelnut syrup, topped it with canned whipped cream and oooooooooh, it was so good!!! I'm going to give the Gingerbread flavor a try this evening. My family is in for a real treat thisThanksgiving when the after dinner coffee is served! Since I won't have enough coupons to give to everyone, the 5 coupons that were included with the samples will go to the winners of the crazy games we always play after dinner. Thanks SheSpeaks!

The Torani Syrups are all amazing - this Pumpkin Pie adds a festive holiday touch to hot beverages, oatmeal, ice cream and recipes! I really love it - it adds great taste that is super convenient. You can find these at Wal-Mart and World Markets locally or on the Torani website at

Great pumpkin pie flavor. It went well over vanilla bean ice cream, as well as hot oatmeal.

I love pumpkin and enjoyed this syrup. I actually put it over vanilla ice cream and added a bit of milk to it. It was delicious

Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy this product very much. I found that it had a very strong "sugar free" background flavor which was most unappealing. I think that regular Torani Pumpkin Pie syrup would be much better. While this syrup seemed to have a good pumpkin taste the flavor was so muddled with artificial sweetener that it's hard to say.

This is really like having a bottle of liquid pumpkin pie! So wonderful in coffee drinks.. my fave way was to make mocha and then add it to that. or just to my homemade hot chocolate too. It is great in just warmed milk too with whipped cream on top. or atop ice cream or cheesecake to give em the pumpkin taste. What a fabulous test this was! Very impressive samples for sure and such high quality!! This is a delicious seasonal treat! I will look forward to adding this to my list each year. Just super, thanks SO much!!

I wasn't entirely impressed with this flavor. Torani has so many wonderful flavors, I feel this isn't one of the better ones. That being said, I'm also not very fond of pumpkin flavored things in the first place. I will say that it really did tasted similar to pumpkin pie, and I'm sure pumpkin lovers will enjoy this very much.

An amazing aroma greets you when you open this syrup. I expected a pumpkin flavor but was so surprised that this tasted like actual authentic pumpkin pie. Wonderful seasonal flavor with the right amount of sweet and spice.