M&Ms Milk Chocolate

M&Ms Milk Chocolate

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hands down the BEST go to chocolate fix for anyone! Also a great incentive to help with potty training. When a child uses the big potty they get a M&M of their color choice.

will always be one of my favs. go anywhere anytime snack and any age

One of my favorite candies ever made! This ranks up at the top of the list! Always loved having M&M's and listening to my grandpa recount all the times he made those little creations so much fun hearing those stories! Always pick up a bag or two if nothing else for the nostalgia of it. Definitely a great sweet treat!

I love chocolate, but a little to much chocolate for me. I think that m&ms with peanuts and almonds even it out, I prefer them more.

Love them - we have a dispenser at work and we can easily eat a huge bag in a week with all the office girls!

i love chocolate so ofcourse i love m&m's. they are a perfect snack for when you want somthing sweet or are just craving chocolate.

M&M's are one of my favorite candy. I almost always buy some when I make a trip to the store.

I used to love M&M's until I found out about the artificial food coloring in them that causes brain interference in children! We stay away from these types of ingredients to keep our kids healthy (BLUE 1 LAKE, YELLOW 6, RED 40, YELLOW 5, BLUE 1, RED 40 LAKE, BLUE 2 LAKE, YELLOW 6 LAKE, BLUE ).

love m&m's so much they are a great snack to snack on when you are craving something sweet, very satisfying great for quick snack at work, treat for kids,

How can you not like M&Ms Perfect snack by themselves, as a topping on icecream or fro yo , as decoration on a cake. I like putting these in the fridge and eating them cold sometimes.

love hersheys products, so m&ms are right up my alley

yum yummmmm! I just wish they didn't have so many calories!

Love these.

Who doesn't love chocolate? This lives up to the hype. Classic.

M&Ms Milk Chocolate are my son's favorite candy, we will defiantly be buying these for is Easter basket this month. easy for him to hold and chew. great for kids.