L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara

L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara

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I was so excited about this mascara because I love Loreal products, but I did not like this! I hated the brush, it didn't do anything. I actually took my brush out of my old tube and use it, but it still doesn't work very well. I have to use 2 differents kinds to get the look I want.

I was so disappointed in this product. It was probably the WORST mascara I have ever used. The brush was awful. The bristles were going in all different directions. This product gave me NO length and NO thickness whatsover on my lashes. I was totally surprise Loreal has a product this awful. I will stick with my Cover Girl Outlast.

The brush on this mascara grabbed all the little lashes and emphasized the volume of my lashes. I used for about a month but then after that it unfortunately started to flake.

I won this mascara on Facebook and it took me a while to try it. When I did I was absolutely amazed with the results. I have very light and fine eyelashes and I usually have to use more then one coat of mascara. With this I only have to use one coat and I have so many compliments on my eyes. I even got my sister hooked on it.

My favorite mascara is loreal voluminous; however this voluminous is in fact not voluminous. I use several coats when I use mascara & this voluminous false fiber doesn't do what the original voluminous will. When I used it, I would apply a coat or 2 of the reg voluminous on top of the false fiber one. To get it more like I want it

Nice volume

This mascara is okay. It has fibers in the mascara but it doesn't have enough to make a difference. I use this under my Loreal Voluminous Million lashes mascara to as a base coat of sorts. I like the wand of this mascara. I am able to reach lashes that are tiny. the wand tip also helps with seperating my lashes and its great for the lower lashes. I will use this as an everyday mascara when I'm just running errands. I have oily lids and this mascara doesn't smudge. It also doesn't flake. But any of the other Loreal mascaras don't sudge or flake either. This is a drier formula which I like. I love the packaging. And I really love that the lid when closing snaps so that you know it's closed all the way so it won't dry out. But i probably will not buy this mascara again.

This is the best BEST best mascara I have ever used! I won it for FREE in their instant win game and now im hooked. My lashes look long and full and i love it. Everyone is always asking if im wearing fake eyelashes (: they get little jealous whn I tell them no. This mascara really plumps up your lashes and makes your eyes just POP! LOVE IT!!

I must say that is some pretty good mascara. I've been using L'Oreal Voluminous for years now and I loved it so much but I'm one that will try something new just because. I love how voluminous my lashes are, but i just don't think they look quite as good as when I use L'Oreal Voluminous. I noticed a little more clumping than I would have liked. Over all, I really do like this mascara!

This mascara is pretty good. When you use it at first, you'll notice that the consistency of the formula is quite dry compared to other mascaras. It is a fiber mascara and is intended to give you that "false lash" look. While I would not say that this mascara adds much volume, I would say that it dramatically increases length, giving you long, luscious lashes.

I had a hard time rating this one. I love the formula and the way my eye lashes look, which is a HUGE plus. I am not a fan of the brush tho and I have issues with it flaking really bad. So I am on the fence with this one, I have use Volumonous by L'Oreal for over 15 years now and have yet to find a product that is superior to it. The full brush and the formula work great and never flake. I will say that this is the 2nd best mascara I have found to date. I would consider buying again if they offered a different brush. Definately worth the money to try this product. Once again L'oreal makes a good product :D

I must admit I was scared of this mascara at first, even though I got it for free. Yes, I won it on Facebook! Being able to actually see the fibers and seeing how thick the mascara was worried me. I was concerned that it would be too thick and I would end up with spider lashes. To my surprise it went on easily, didn't clump and no spider lashes! My eyes looked amazing! It lasted all night and came off easily with my normal makeup remover. Beats the heck outta fighting with false lashes!

I was impressed with this mascara for the most part. I could see the actual fibers in the mascara prior to putting it on. However, it did seem a little thick on the brush but went on nicely. I have the black version of this mascara, though there are other shades as well as waterproof versions. My lashes had a very full look that actually lasted for hours (example: a whole shift at work). I have been disappointed before where my lashes didn't look they had anything on them by the end of work. L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes actually works!! The reason I gave it 4 stars was because throughout my shift there were occasions that felt like I had something in my eyes and found that it was the tiny fibers from the mascara. Other than that I love this mascara...Oh and at the end of the night it comes off nicely too. The regular mascara you can use soap and water and waterproof version you use waterproof makeup remover.

Great mascara!

This has been the most amazing mascara that I have ever tried. I purchased the color of blackest black, although, there are different shades. It gives my lashes a full look. I have always been disappointed with other mscaras that make it seem as if I am wearing nothing. Even my husband noticed something different about my eyes! I gave it only 4 stars because it can be a little thick sometimes but not enough to make me call it clumpy. I truly have that full lash look without actual flase lashes.