Olay  Body Wash Plus Creme Ribbons

Olay Body Wash Plus Creme Ribbons

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Love this!Smells great!

I find that after using Olay body wash for a period of time my drain backs up. So not to let my husband know what the cause was I switch brands for awhile and switch back. Wonder if others have had this happen?

It's great

This have been a favorite of mine for quite some time. MY mom used to buy it, and I would use it. It makes your skin feel amazingly soft. It smells great too, it's not strong. It's not light either. It's perfect.

i love Olay Body Wash Plus Creme Ribbons. love its fragrance and skin feels so soft, clean and moisturised after shower. i follow with moisturizer with same line.

I love this body wash. Leaves skin so soft.

Sooo to be honest I'm kind of a body wash snob. I don't usually like drugstore brand body washes because they would leave a film on my skin. I would mostly use various body washes from bath and body works and decided to try this because that was getting a little too expensive. This body wash is soap free which I really like because any kind of detergent in cleansing products is bad right? Idk it's something along those lines. It lathers nicely which I need because otherwise I don't feel clean. The smell is ok not my favorite but I don't dislike it. Good body wash to use during the winter because it doesn't dry out my skin.

This stuff left my skin feeling SO silky and it smelled good enough to eat! It reminded me almost of body butter. I use this whenever I'm trying to have a romantic evening with my husband so that my skin is nice and smooth!

Smells great, is really soft and silky. Foams up really well, especially with a poof. I love this body wash.

This is very smooth and soft good product great scent

This is my favorite soap. I use it daily. It makes my skin quite soft and smells great. It feels as if I just put lotion on my skin when I use it. I also feel a lot cleaner after using it.

I did really love the smell of this body wash and it did leave my skin very soft but the price is a little higher then some of the others unless you get it on sale

This is one of my go to shower products in the winter. Its great all year around but esp with dry winter skin.

I love this body wash! I love the scent, its creamy and leaves my skin soft& smooth. Its doesn't dry your skin out like other body washes do. My favorite!

using this makes my skin feel silky soft