Maybelline  Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm

Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm

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Great li balm! This lip balms are great! My and my family always have dry lips in winter, and they help so much!

Colorful Shine! I purchased Maybelline Pink Punch Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm. First of all I'll like to say it is reasonably priced. Secondly, it goes on smooth, without clumping.Thirdly, it moisturizes my lips while giving them a colorful shine. It leaves a long-lasting pop of color for hours.This lip balm is good to wear alone or apply it as a lip moisturizer under lipstick.

Not for my super dry lips I find Baby Lips to be extremely overrated. I've heard several friends and co-workers gushing about how great it is, but I assume they don't have chronic dry lips like myself. Baby Lips didn't soothe my lips but made them dryer instead. I'd much rather stick with good ol' Chap Stic.

nice Nice lip product not expensive keeps my lips hydrated and with a nice color. Will buy again.

*-* i like so much this lipstick is perfect for mt lips every time they are parched

enjoyable! i very much enjoy this product, even how simple it is. the smell is great, and keeps my lips soft.

These are my favorite lip balms!! I always have at least one handy!

Quenched baby lips Quenced is my favorite flavor of baby lips. It is the most moisturizing and has a pleasing, lemon-like smell. The cost is cheap, and the stick lasts a long time. However, the other tinted baby lips are not as good and tend to highlight the imperfections of the lips. I would only recommend quenched.

I haven't used Baby Lips since I was a pre-teen. Was stoked when I saw these. Bonus for saying my name on the front. I didn't put two and two together and think about the glitter. The color is adorable but there is too much glitter for my liking. It makes it feel gritty. Bummer.

Wonderful. Love it, use it and buy these for my friends and family. Much better than I expected.

This formula tends to sit on top of the lips for a while before sinking in, resulting in me eating it off before it fully moisturizes my lips most of the time. When it does sink in it does last for quite a while. The original and medicated are the only ones worth purchasing - the tinted formulas are not remotely moisturizing and taste and smell like cheap lipstick. I've probably gone through 6 or 7 tubes of this since it came out, I always repurchase due to reasonable price.

Trusted Brand This product has always been a classic of mine. My lips get super dry and chapped and most lip balms do absolutely nothing for me. This is one of the only balms that make my lips smooth for a lasting amount of time, especially in the winter. I don't have to keep reapplying or put on a super thick layer.

in love with baby lips my must always have lip balm always makes my lips soft and healthy looking no need to reapply i love Baby lips

Cute colors and greats scents! They stay on and keep your lips nice and soft.

Nice Seal ways fun to have to through in your bag ando go. Nice scents and some even have color payoff!