Kleenex  Cool Touch Tissues

Kleenex Cool Touch Tissues

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I love these tissues! :) They are just so cool on my nose. Perfect for those allergy days...

These are absolutely amazing, especially for young children. It really keeps you from making your nose sore/raw I will never use any other Kleenex than these

I tried these at my grandmother's house and they are great. They definitely feel cool to the touch and it's nice on a sore nose.

I love these tissues!! I have allergies, and am also pregnant now and have been experiencing a lot of congestion/runny nose with my pregnancy and these have been a life saver! They really are cool to the touch and do not make your nose chafe or hurt as badly when you are repeatedly wiping or blowing your nose. I would highly recommend them. I first tried them as a free sample online but have since bought them more than once!

These came in so handy when my one year old had a really bad illness and we were wiping his nose non-stop. They cost a little more than regular tissues but its worth it.

I received a sample and I have gotten coupons for this product and tried it. I am very happy with them during the cold season when your constantly using tissues. Doesn't irritate the nose at all.

I have always used Kleenex for colds, etc. in the past, but never have I used something like this! It is so soft and doesn't irritate my nose.

I received a sample of this and was eager to try out the "cooling" sensation. They really produce a cold, minty sensation to your nose, which is perfect when your nose is sore from the constant need to blow your nose. They are very soft and durable tissues. :)

Awesome comfortable tissues with just a touch of coolness to soothe your nose.

I had a great opportunity of sampling this Kleenex cool touch tissue a few month back. I really like it, it's soothing and it doesn't irritate me. I had a really bad cold and my nose was pretty sensitive, the regular tissue i was using at that time was just a bit too rough, but after trying the cool touch tissue, it was like heaven on my nose lol. It's nice and smooth, the coolness brings relief and it's just great over all.

I got a free sample of these and they are wonderful. They truly do stay cool and soft. They are great for sore noses too. Love these tissues!

They had a box of the cold touch when I brought a 4 pack andI love these tissues. I have allergies so I tend to have a raw nose and the cold sensation feels so good on a raw nose.

what a great product; these tissues are strong and leave a cool feeling while using. My family wont use any other brand

Received a sample of these in the mail. It is harvest time in Kansas and my allergies are in full swing. These are wonderful. They are soft and do not rub my sore nose raw when I wipe it, which is often right now. This is better than any other tissue I have tried.