Huggies Little Movers Slip On Diapers

Huggies Little Movers Slip On Diapers

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They can be a little difficult to get on because of my squirmy daughter but I love the fit! I'm a Huggies mommy, they don't give my daughter any rashes! La la la love them! I just hold her two legs together and put them in at the same time!

love love love these diapers! how big do they go? i get them for my 18 month old. and strangely, my mom found them on sale at cvs (clearance) and i was hoping it wasn't bc they were being discontinued. doesn't look like that! i buy on amazon too. absorbent, cute, fun, easy to use.

Wasn't a fan. They are spendy and not at all easier for me or my son. It may work well for some but it just didn't for me.

I like the design of this diaper and it's so easy to just slip it on and off. It was very helpful specially when I was in a hurry and my 2 year old daughter doesn't want me to change her diapers.

Ok brand. I use the ones I have as backup. I prefer pampers. Huggies doesn't fit as well and has more leakage.

I bought these after seeing the commercial when they first came out. At first I thought "This is genious and perfect for my super squirmy stepson!" Not so much. These actually took longer to put on than regular diapers. Also, I had to have him stand up to pull it up over his butt and he would immediately take off running before I could pull it up. Very frustrating. Not recommended.

Huggies Little Movers Slip On diapers recently made our life a lot easier. Our little one fights us with everything now. Changing a diaper turned into a war. Once we switched to slip on diapers everything got a lot better. She actually helps us now. They fit nicely and seem to be a lot more comfortable than anything else we tried.

These are probaly about the best and cutest diapers Ive ever used. They dont wedge up my daughter butt. there just like undies. i love them.

These are probaly about the best and cutest diapers Ive ever used. They dont wedge up my daughter butt. there just like undies. i love them.

I love these diapers. They stay in place on my child. But I believe that babies arendiffrent so diffrent diapers for diffrent babies. They dont leak and buldge. They keep are dryer then pampers. Also huggies puts out good coupons. Usally 3 dollars off a pack. I usually combine them with the 3 dollars cvs coupon on huggies for 6 dollars off.

I liked the idea of just "slipping on the diaper", but with a very squirmy one year old it can be difficult. I figured it would be the other way around since she is squirmy, but getting one leg in and then the other just doesn't work for us. I find it easier to just pull and snap. The diaper changes go much faster with a regular diaper than with these for my child. They always tended to slide to the side to easily and give her a kind of wedgie, which is not good for holding in the dirty duds! I wanted to like them, but they weren't for us.

I love these but the only kinda bad part was how easy it was for my son to pull it off on the sides.

I use only these diapers, they stay on easy to get off and the child even learns how to pull up his own it

I would agree they are similar to pull ups but I've always bought Huggies and will continue to do so. My son is a year and a half old and no quite ready for potty training so they come in handy. I would recommend these to any mother with a squirmy on the go child!

My grandaughter has vision issues and it took us longer to potty train. These are wonderful for an active child.