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  • Sarahrose13 By  Sarahrose13    

    I use this every day. It leaves your skin silky smooth, but your skin can still breathe. A little goes a long way. On of the best products out there.

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  • normajeanmonroe By  normajeanmonroe    

    I love Benefit products including The Porefessional. It goes on smooth under my foundation. My only issue with it is that it's a little pricey.

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  • scooter78 By  scooter78    

    Great product. Really reduces the appearance of pores. Blends into the skin. But Maybelline makes a much cheaper version. And to me I can't tell the difference

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  • Itsnina By  Itsnina    

    This is my go to primer. I live the silicone based feel to eat. It hides my pores well and it also helps my foundation stay on longer

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  • Delightful By  Delightful    

    Awesome primer. Benefit is the only cosmetic for me. I use all the products.

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  • amyclay25 By  amyclay25    

    This works really great for those of us with larger than desired pores. Its so light, but covers great. I bought a sample size for ten dollars and it lasted nearly two months. I used it on my cheeks and when I run out I will purchase the full size product. It makes your skin look picture perfect.

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  • JulesC By  JulesC    

    Very good product, it really does minimize the appearance of pores and it is an EXCELLENT primer. I bought when I forgot my Clinique Pore Minimiser on a hotel room and I'm never going back. I used it once as an eye primer (only a very small quantity as there is no such recommendation on the packaging) and my eyeshadow did not move at all from my super oily eyelids. Great for oily skin, it gives a matte finish. BONUS: If your make up does turn oily after a few hours, gently tap a soft cloth on the oily areas, reapply a small quantity of the Porefessional and blend! Miracles...

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  • Kristinbsmith By  Kristinbsmith    

    My favorite primer at the moment. This is great for making pores look smaller and it has a very nice silky feel to it. I use this just in the t-zone areas where I get oily and it helps me keep a matte finished look all day! Doing this also helps the product last a lot longer. It also smells wonderful which is also a plus!

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  • beautyjunkie95 By  beautyjunkie95    

    I have quite a few zits right now so I use this product every time I wear makeup. It makes your pores look smaller which is wonderful when you get big zits like me. I find I have to apply alot more of this product than the directions say.The product has a pleasant citrus smell to it. The issues I have with it is that it makes my skin feel greasy and I have to apply alot of it because of the consistency of the product.

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  • RozeReviews By  RozeReviews    

    When applying this item, I actually had to use more than what I was advised to get all over my dry skin which made it hard to spread. Even though it does apply like satin, in time it felt like a layer of cake on my face. And then, come mid-day the glare from the shine could have blinded someone. And as for lines, it was limited. It was only ok for fine lines, and it did nothing for real ones. In all honesty, this primer is great for those who really want to minimize the look of large pores. I wouldn't advise this for those with oily skin, and would advise them look elsewhere if they are needing it to minimize lines. Full review at...

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  • dashusic97 By  dashusic97    

    i will buy this product over and over, unless i find something better, which i didn't yet. But it's just amazing.

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  • katiehathaway By  katiehathaway    

    love this product for under my foundation!

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  • crazybeautifulmakeup By  crazybeautifulmakeup    

    I have acne prone skin, that is combination dry and oily. I have large pores on my bose and cheeks. This product really seems to help the appearance of my pores to disappear. I also am a makeup artist and use this on clients who suffer from larger pores. I highly recommend this product!

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  • BlacknBlueDahlia By  BlacknBlueDahlia    

    This is the best primer. It makes my skin smooth as marble - no pores (which is a miracle!).

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  • sillywoman By  sillywoman    

    This product is fantastic

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