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  • yinyin32193 By  yinyin32193    

    great tv show! so glad they have portrayed a person with autism since so many people are being affected by the disorder. hope to see this show last a long time

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  • lilroxgirl By  lilroxgirl    

    A good show. Family values. Hopefully it stays on TV a while longer.

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  • thriftyrocks By  thriftyrocks    

    I love character driven shows and this is the best of that genre. I feel like I am a part of this amazing family and I hope they are always on tv. The complexities of each member woven together just makes it for me! I always DVR it so I can savor it and watch favorite scenes again and again. Not often are shows made with this much integrity.

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  • sweetjayne By  sweetjayne    

    Fabulous show ! We wouldn't miss it for anything.

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  • jerseygirl1 By  jerseygirl1    

    This show is about raising children amidst an extended close-knit family. You really see the challenges of any family in there, like the hard-work of working parents or single parents. What I love about this show is that you really get to know each character and they are all multi-dimensional so you see that they have both wonderful elements and things they need to work on. Plus, the story lines are great, sometimes fun, sometimes sad, sometimes romantic. You can get the first 2 seasons on DVD and watch season 3 now, Tuesdays at 10pmET. Definitely worth a viewing.

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