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  • chelsea_amos By  chelsea_amos    

    I'm not a fan of these at all.... In any brand for that matter. I have a very hands on job so I can't have long nails, I thought these would work great but with my short nails they just puckered at the tip of the nail and didn't stay on, not too mention theyre not really user friendly.

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  • Kdaj1310 By  Kdaj1310    

    Easy enough to apply, very hard to get off, chips very quickly

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  • MamaHerr By  MamaHerr    

    Work well, look good, last a decent amount of time. Annoying to get off.

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  • Lv2Read By  Lv2Read    

    I was excited to try these, because they looked so cute. I ended up being disappointed. I didn't think they were easy to apply or that they lasted very long. My biggest problem was with the removal. I had a terrible time getting them off. Although the design looked cool, I don't think I'll purchase these again.

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  • 123raven1 By  123raven1    

    easy to apply but dose not last long on my fingers

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  • mandaleighu By  mandaleighu    

    I enjoy using these because I am able to change my look from professional to weekend ready very easily. I don't mind that they don't last much longer than a week because that's about my attention span for a nail color or design :) I also love using them with my 13 year old niece- it's an inexpensive fun thing we can bond over while doing.

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  • shannrenn10 By  shannrenn10    

    I absolutely love this product. It is fast and super easy! I hate having "naked" nails but sometimes it is very time consuming to paint your nails. I have bought these strips several times in different patterns and colors and have loved it every single time. They give you two little packets of stickers as well as a nail file and wooden cuticle pusher. I even found a way to use each sticker two times; the stickers have two rounded edges, so use one side of the sticker on your right finger and the other side on your left finger. Definitely love these things!

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  • ornestac By  ornestac    

    looks great. Lasted about one week. creative, fun, and fast way to get funky designs.

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  • onenac By  onenac    

    These do not last as long as I would like them to but Its fast manicure

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  • wrightvm By  wrightvm    

    I've tried these a few times and I really enjoy them. They've kept me from waiting around under a dryer for my nails to dry, but they don't last any longer than regular polish. If you follow the directions and are patient with them, they go on smoothly. I only wish they were a bit more affordable and came in more demure colors.

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  • Beauty101Blog By  Beauty101Blog    

    I have tried these a few different times and didn't have good luck at all. I followed the directions to a "T" but yet still experienced peeling and lifting. For the price I'd rather just save my money and polish my nails myself.

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  • Nessav By  Nessav    

    These are awesome! Amazing! If you have long natural nails these awesome stripes are so great I love them! So easy to use and fast and no dry tome

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  • galaxydreams By  galaxydreams    

    Maybe I purchased a lemon because first off, these wouldn't adhere so I had to basically glue them on with top coat. Then, when they finally did adhere, they lasted maybe two days. Other than that, they looked awesome and I got compliments and I might repurchase again just to see if I did just get a bad batch.

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  • luckycharm89 By  luckycharm89    

    love these. they stay on forever!

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  • nikkilee0625 By  nikkilee0625    

    I love how easy it is to apply these but the problem is that they are expensive. I bought one recently just because I wanted to try them, and I am glad I did.

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