Torani Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup

Torani Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup

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Goes great with teas, chais and in oatmeal. I can't stop adding it to my green tea for a sweet treat.

love this product nice vanilla taste not too sweet. My friend is a diabetic and she really enjoyed it in her coffee, just as I did

This product is so impressive for a sugar free syrup! most are a bit bitter on the end, but this one is smooth and very vanilla in the mouth. Very nice. I shared this esp with my friends who have to forego the sugar for health reasons and they got hooked on it too. I love this in my chai the most and a dash in my coke brought back those vanilla cokes at the drugstore fountain days of youth! =) It is very delicious. Thanks so much for the huge and wonderful bottle!!

A very sweet and natural vanilla taste with just a hint of aftertaste. A little really goes a long way and I have enjoyed using it in hot tea and hope to include while cooking. Going to try a vanilla french toast with it!

I was actually surprised that this syrup did not have that aftertaste that some sugar free products can have. The aroma was very very authentic as well. This syrup is just enough to give your coffee that extra little something without being too overpowering.

I have been using this product for years especially when it's that time year to lose weight. I can get the satisfaction of a specialty cup of coffee without spending the high price at a restaurant and without the high calories! It's such a great staple for a coffee lover. It's a good vanilla flavor and is easy to use and stores for a long time too! I love it and highly recommend it!

I thought I'd try the Sugar Free Vanilla because my father is a diabetic and enjoys adding a little flavor into his drinks. They were over this past weekend and he added it to his Diet Dr Pepper and said it was even better than the vanilla from the fountain. I prefer to add a little vanilla to my coffee and hot chocolate. The taste is wonderful and I couldn't tell that it was sugar free.

This doesn't even taste like a sugar-free syrup. I used it to add a little oomph to my afternoon Chai and it tasted great! It would also be a nice addition to your morning coffee.

Love the fact that this is sugar-free and tastes this great!! I slipped some into my pancake batter over the weekend. Loved it. Would love to see a serving size recommendation and the previous suggestion to add a pour spout.

I tried the vanilla in coffee, smoothies, waffles and even used it over ice cream. It tastes great and it is sugar free so cut down on some of the calories.l I found the flavor to be right on. I am still tryingto find other ways to use it. My friends tried my experiments and did not get a bad review.

I love the product! I only drink flavored coffee and this was very good without all the calories, my only complaint is the product is hard to find, on Torani website only Farm Fresh carries it in my area and all they have are 3 flavors

I received a generous size bottle of the sugar free vanilla and was so pleased with the flavor! It tastes very much like pure quality Vanilla extract and it isn't overpowering or overly sweet. I added it to my cappucino's and to my regular coffee and offer it to my friends and family when we have coffee together. I am going to use this in my cake recipes and muffins and I can imagine using it in all kinds of things. All my friends have enjoyed sampling this togethe and It will save me a ton of money over those expensive coffee shop drinks! They have any flavor you can imagine, so you can find a flavor for every taste! I gave coupons tro my friends and they're very excited to purchase there own.

Simply delicious! I look forward to my sugar-free cup of coffee every afternoon. Thanks Torani!

I liked the smell the most. It's hard to find a good sugar free syrup and this is probably one of the best I've tasted. Even my husband was impressed!

This stuff is fan-freaking-tastic!! I LOVE the sugar free as I drink diet anyways. It turns every soda into a creamsicle flavored delight! I do agree with some of the other reviews that a pour spout would be great. I think you can buy them separately as I've seen some in coffee houses... But alas, for my purposes I used a shot glass. Adding a shot of Torani to a drinking glass, followed by ice and then add in Diet Sierra Mist w/Cranberry is amazing... It takes me back to being a kid and begging my parents for an italian soda at the little coffee shacks they'd stop off at to get their lattes. My seven year old son has decided they're his new favorite drink and my husband keeps "sneaking" it when he thinks I'm not looking... All in all, it's definitely worth recommending.