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  • shelly3282 By  shelly3282    

    It is almost inhumane to have a dog and not use a flea and tick controller. This is definitely the best one on the market.

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  • eastcoast By  eastcoast    

    Our Dogs have used this for years but I didn't realize how well it worked until recently. We took them backpacking during what turned out to be the worst of tick season....each night we were probably pulling 20-30 ticks off each dog, BUT all of them had either already died or JUST bit the dogs. Frontline provided GREAT protections.

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  • CuriousKat By  CuriousKat    

    love this it really works well

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  • moonwitch52 By  moonwitch52    

    This works very well. I am totaly satisfied with the results. It keeps the fleas off of my dog. This is the only flea protection product I buy.

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  • recordaras By  recordaras    

    Our vet actually stopped carrying Frontline this year - they say that fleas have adapted to the formula and it's no longer as effective, and therefore they can't offer it to their clients. Terrible news for us, as this was the only topical flea and tick preventative that my Corgi wasn't allergic to! :(

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  • jesleigh By  jesleigh    

    We live in Southern Ohio in a Suburban area. I have a mini schnauzer who is 7 months old, under 20 lbs, and stays inside except to potty or go on walks at the park. With frontline, he got fleas constantly. We finally switched to heartguard heartworm prevention because it kills fleas from the inside out.

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  • krysavis By  krysavis    

    We live in the country and always had problems with fleas and ticks until Frontline Plus. We have 2 extra large dogs with thick fur that I no longer even worry about fleas/ticks after using it for over a year with out one problem. Its not as messy as other product either. Apply once a month and their fur is a little greasy looking for a day or two and then done.

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  • MomeeGina By  MomeeGina    

    Have used this product for many years on my dog. It works very well.

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  • cyberrat By  cyberrat    

    I was so disappointed with this product, I tried it during the summer and fleas were still running threw my little dogs fur, she was chewing herself to pieces until it was time that I could use another product which completely rid her of fleas.. I feel this product is a total waste of money.

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  • musicmomma By  musicmomma    

    This is the only product I will use on my dog to control flea and ticks. Highly recommended!!!

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  • ddebbie By  ddebbie    

    I've used Frontline for years, have never had a problem with fleas on my dog because of it.

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  • nomadicpixie By  nomadicpixie    

    We took our dog to visit family who unfortunately have a bad flea problem on their dogs. We had put Frontline Plus on our 100lb Newfoundland before we went. I was so worried about her coming back covered in fleas. But Frontline Plus was amazing and she came home flea free. Absolutely amazing!

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