Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

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Great Brand, Higher Price The only reason I gave four stars is because Pampers is a brand that is generally more expensive than other wipes that perform just as well. I do love these wipes though. They were the ones given in the hospital when my babe was born and I loved them. Not heavily scented, not too heavy, and effective.

Love So soft and cloth like. Work wonderfully on our sensitive skinned babies.

Won't use another brand! We've tried most brands and came right back to the pampers sensitive (unscented) they are affective and don't rip like some. We won't use any other brand! After 4 children, we've done our research!!

Only wipes I use I only use these wipes, I like that they are sensitive and fragrance free. I just notice little residue of them on my baby's bottom every time idk if I should be concerned , but these are super soft compared to other brands

These are the best baby wipes in the market in my opinion. Very soft and non-irritating.

love pampers products i love them never dry love the scent of them its not ruff like the parent choice wipes ughhh . this is the best wipes

At first we used whatever whipes we received at our baby shower. Within a week or baby boys bottom was red and another week in his bottom became blistered and had some bleeding. We switched to pampers sensitive and his bottom cleared in just days!! We continue to use them and have yet to see any more red bottoms and he is now 4 months old.

Pampers soft and strong sensitive wipes are the best. They don't irritate sensitive skin and are think and cloth-like making for a very easy cleanup. Well worth the 40cents extra over the store brand!

Really soft and strong wipes. Huggies wipes are a bit stronger and thicker, but these are second best.

These were my favorite wipes to use on my first daughter 5 years ago because she unfortunately inherited my sensitive skin! Most other wipes would give her diaper rash no matter how many times you changed her and it made me feel bad every time because who likes to be wiped on there rough irritated skin! These were super soothing and have a light non irritating scent!

These are very soft wipes. Very moist. I love using these on my newborn .

I have used these wipes and they are ok and good on baby's sensitive skin but I prefer Huggies because they are thicker and I feel I use less of them.

I love these wipes. They are the only ones I'll use on my son. They are soft and and has I nice low scent to them.

I absolutely love these wipes since my daughter has sensitive skin. I used to use the regular ones but they were irritating her skin, so when I switched over I noticed the difference right away. I can use these wipes for everything now. Great product!

I do like these wipes but I don't notice a huge difference between these and the regular wipes expect for the fact that they might be a little thicker. I will buy whatever Pampers wipes are on sale.