Pedigree Dentastix

Pedigree Dentastix

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My sweet doggy loves these! He's a chewer, and these definitely give him his "fix", rather than the gulp-down-in-five-seconds program he usually does. And they make his breath and teeth all pretty, too ;)

My dogs love these! They keep their teeth clean and breath fresh between brushings

These are some of my dog's most favorite treats! She gets so excited when I bring the bag out. As far as dental care, I'm not sure exactly how well they work. When she eats them, I notice results immediately, but it doesn't seem like they are long lasting results. At the very least, I know that they are treats, that my dog loves, that are beneficial for her teeth.

My dog likes these. I think they are great to help clean his teeth.

Probably better for bigger dogs. Our little jack Russell terrier is sensitive to them. She loves them, then throws up. So we had to switch to another brand. But we gave them to a jrt mix we were dog-sitting, and he had no problem. So that's why I have to say yes and no in this review.

Both of my dogs love these. It is hard to get my older dog to chew on things to clean his teeth, but give him one of these, and he eats it every time.

Our beagle is very finicky, but she loves Dentastix. As soon as the package is revealed, our beagle stands on her hind legs and begs to receive her treat. They do not last long, which is a good sign. Her doggie cousins came over to visit for Christmas and they all got Dentastix from Santa. They all love them.

Our Golden Retriever LOVES these, and I can see a great improvement in her teeth if we give them to her regularly. I got them for almost nothing at Publix during a BOGO free sale w/ coupons!

My golden Lilly just loves these. Not only do they "clean" their teeth, it does make their breath smell nicer. You only give your dog one a day but she knows exactly when she should have it! She sits there patiently and waits for me to hand her one before I head for work. I agree with s_middles, the bags they come in don't really stay resealed even with the sticker you use to hold it closed.

I like these dog treats for my dog, I just don't buy them often because they are pricey. I love the brand though that's for sure!

my dogs love these, however i do not love the price they are alittle pricey.

My dog loved these, but he does love just about anything he can eat. My only complaint is the price. I've only purchased them with coupons.

My dogs english cocker spaniel seem to love them, but I do not like the smell of those sticks.

My dog likes these, but they can tend to get hard in the cupboard if not used up right away. I put mine in a ziploc bag because the 'resealable' bag they came in didn't stay shut properly. Seems to work well keeping his teeth cleaned too.

I do buy these occasionally for my two german shepards but I find that if I boil a few marrow bones for them they last longer and are way less expensive. So unless I have a coupon and they are priced right I don't bother with them.