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  • Jean1214 By  Jean1214    

    Worth every penny....can't stand to be without them.

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  • maldonado2727 By  maldonado2727    

    great for when you don't have time and have a lot of bathrooms,

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  • arelando By  arelando    

    Clorox toilet wand made it So much easier and quick to clean the toilet. I like it.

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  • sweetconfusion By  sweetconfusion    

    I've always hated using regular toilet bowl brushes because they are so unsanitary. This product allow you to quickly and easily clean your toilet bowl with a fresh pad EVERY TIME!

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  • LinkLinkCheerMOM By  LinkLinkCheerMOM    

    I like using the wands. I like the idea of throwing away the scrubbers. Cleaning the toilet is made so much simpler and less messy with the others that sit beside the toilet, ugh!

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  • barbarabythesea By  barbarabythesea    

    I love these Clorox Toilet Wands! They make it so easy to clean your toilet. The Clorox Toilet Wand does a great job at cleaning the toilet. I love that the scrubbers can be thrown away. I always hated using a regular toilet brush and then having to leave it laying around with germs, it was so unsanitary! The down side to the Clorox Toilet Wand is buying replacements. I always forget to pick them up at the store. I would love it if they would sell a big package of scrubbers with 10 or more in the box.

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  • MasterofMom By  MasterofMom    

    This is a great way to clean your toilet without having to worry about a germy toilet brush always being in the bathroom. I think toilet brushes are absolutely nasty and try to have as little to do with them as possible! The only cons I know of to this product are 1: You have to keep buying refills. 2: Sometimes the refills don't stick to the wand as well as you would like them to during a tough scrubbing. -- Other than that stuff, it's awesome! For someone like me though, this product (and all the refills) are worth it and then some!!

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  • bperno By  bperno    

    Great for weekly cleaining. The little scubbers sometimes are stuck or fall in the container and you have get by hand, but overall a good product!

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  • meditationmama By  meditationmama    

    I use this when I can find my rubber gloves. When the little scrubber fall over in the container it is really hard to get them with out reaching in the container.

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  • sbgallagher By  sbgallagher    

    to be able to clean your toilet without leaving that molding toilet brush is a plus for me..amazing product

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  • charlie2 By  charlie2    

    Love the stuff. Use it all the time makes everything so clean.

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  • bound4aruba By  bound4aruba    

    this is another great product by clorox. the reason this is high on my list is beacuse i have knee pain and other ache issues. with this in mind i not only use it for the toliet but i brought a second wand to use in the tub. i have tried a number of the foaming products but the wiping of the tub later is hard for me at times. with the wand i can sit on the side of the tub and get into the corners.

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  • smiley123 By  smiley123    

    I feel these are a waste of money and just add trash to our landfill. Plus the scrubby part falls off easily into the toilet water. Then must be taken out. EWWW!

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  • rileypark By  rileypark    

    I like these because it make cleaning the toilet easier and cleaner. And after you toss the gross scrubber away. No hanging on to germy brushes. The downside is it's wasteful and not good or the environment.

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  • shardesty By  shardesty    

    i love that i no longer have a gross toilet brush sitting next to the toilet and how simple it is to use. my only complaint is the really strong smell u get when u open the resealable bag i dont have kids but if i did i would probably be kinda worried that they would be able to get into the container my puppy likes to follow me into the bathroom when i am getting ready and has knocked it over it would be nice if it had a locking top instead of just the flip style it does

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