Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment Wrap

Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment Wrap

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I am not impressed by this item. Maybe with time she will get used to it..

We purchased this for our basenji/boxer/lab mix. He was a pound puppy and has some separation anxiety and follows us around relentlessly! You can't lock him out of a room or he will eat something you like. Let me clarify, something expensive of mine! When we use the thundershirt he seems to feel little need to stalk us around the house and is less dramatic when another pet or person is given attention.

I have tried everything to help my dog during storms. My son saw this in a Readers Digest and sent it to me. We had a pretty big storm last night and I tried it for the first time. If I had not tried it I would not believe that this could work. Oh my goodness!! How this works I do not know but it does. We put it on and seconds later he was laying beside me all calm and quiet. This is a godsend.