Clearasil  Ultra Acne+Marks Facial Wash and Mask

Clearasil Ultra Acne+Marks Facial Wash and Mask

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This is a thick and creamy face wash that I will say. I did not care for how it made my face feel; dry and tight and just icky overall. Did not care for the smell either.

I really thought i would like it but ends up i dont care for it at all. I used the entire bottle before i decided to review it in hopes that i would have something positive to say about it. My face still looks terrible however with all that being said, my skin felt soft but only for a short time after use. All skin is different maybe it will work better for you.

Doesn't work that well Doesn't seem to work very well. Leaves my face oily after I wash. Doesn't really help with the few pimples I get either. Does suds up pretty well but not something I would buy again.