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Instead Softcup

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I bought these to have intercourse with my husband while on my period. I though they would work pretty well...I was wrong! Hard to get in, hard to get the placement just right, and ending up being uncomfortable and not working properly. I do not recommend these to anyone!

very difficult to use and very uncomfortable. I would rather use pads any day.

Difficult to use and I felt like it didn't protect well at all! It was also quite uncomfortable!

not very easy to get a good grip in.i had a hardtime placing it .

I bought some Instead Softcups as an alternative to my DivaCup a few years ago. They are quite large in diameter compared to other menstrual cups, so it was a bit of a struggle to figure out how to place it correctly so I stopped feeling it in place. I also was not comfortable wearing it on heavy days because there was no solid seal feel like with my cup, and I did experience some leaking. I may have adapted to them eventually, had I not discovered that I am allergic to something in the material that leaves me very irritated. They have undergone a redesign, at least in the packaging, since I last purchased them. I do know many women who love these though, and they are much more readily available at stores than other menstrual cups. Plus, they cost much less so it is easy to try.

I almost forgot I was menstruating while using this product. I could go all day (and all night) without worrying about spills or leaks. Love this product.

I like softcup product. Because you can wear it longer than a tampon. And I don't have to worry about getting TSS. Great my body & Pays for its self in the long run! ;)

I give them 3 stars for being better than paper products to shove up my girly parts, but there is a better reusable option out there. I love that you can use these for 12 hours but that's about it. I found it uncomfortable, even after finding that perfect spot for it to set in, it was needing adjustments every time I would use the restroom or cough or sneeze, etc. whenever those "bear down" muscles were used, it needed adjusted. I have since moved on to a MeLuna cup that I bought from a different country through a co-op on Facebook. This one cost me $20 and I can reuse it for years to come. They also have different sizes for people with different flows. That way since I normally have light flows, I don't have to use a huge cup. It also has a grip on the bottom to pull it out by, which Softcup does NOT. I had to toss a whole box of these into the trash because nobody wanted them.

I love this! I tried the Diva cup, but have problems with it. These are great! Sometimes they do take a little re-adjusting after using the bathroom. Some periods, they "bug" me and I can feel them, but most, I do not and they are so comfortable! You dont' feel them, they don't dry you out..I can use on my light and heavy days! They are sooo great on light days, you don't get that "tampon sucking the moisture right out of you" feeling! I've read that some woman use them during mid-cycle during the ucky discharge or after you know-what. I haven't tried that, but I think I will!

After decades dealing with tampons and pantiliners, finding the Softcup was a welcome change. While It is important a women is comfortable with her own body to learn how to insert and withdraw these hygene products, the rewards are completly worth it. Instead softcups can be worn for twice the time of a tampon with no risk of TSS and they cannot be felt at all when inserted correctly. I like wearing them on my heavy days because I usually only need 2 trips to the bathroom to empty/change the softcup(once in the morning and once at night) instead of 4-6. (I also use a pantyliner as a backup just as I would with a tampon) I must admit, seeing the size of the softcup was a bit daunting at first but once I realized that the soft rubber ring conformed to fit my body the trepidation was gone. Removal takes a bit of practice though and I do recommend having a box of flushable wipes and sink nearby..But, once you get the hang of insertion and removal you may never want to use tampons again. I have recommend these to all my female friends and most have given them a try.

I have used these off and on since they came out. Right now I cannot use them, and heading in for a partial hysterectomy. But they work great, you have to get used to inserting/removing and I would suggest wearing disposable gloves. But all in all, they work like they are supposed to,

Softcup is a menstrual cup that can be worn up to 12 hours, there are no links to Toxic Shock Syndrome, and it can be worn during sex. you can even wear it while swimming. I was a little skeptical at first that i might be able to feel it. However, I could not feel it at all! There was no leaking at all. It is perfect for people with heavy periods.