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This was a great buy. Our six and seven year old love this toy so much. I love hos simple it is to use the app store and add new games, and track their progress. I was a little sad about battery life, but my kids are so happy with the product that it's worth it until they upgrade to the leappad2 with rechargeable batteries.

We have the LeapPad 2 and we absolutely love it! I was concerned at first it would be too advanced for my son who is only two but we found out quickly he is able to navigate his way through the tablet and he is even able to play the games on his own. We have purchased four game cartridges for him but have currently only given him two-Pet Pals 2 and a Crayola coloring game. He plays both very well on his own with little to no help. This was honestly the best thing I could have purchased for his birthday! He loves watching videos on it and playing games. It holds his attention during car rides and while waiting at the doctor, a restaurant, or anywhere! Definitely worth the money and I love that there is now a rechargeable battery pack that saves on battery cost!

We love the LeapPad. We got this for our son last Christmas. He loves playing games, reading books, and taking pictures and videos. It is great to keep him occuppied during road trips or just for some quiet time around the house. I would definetly recommend this to anyone. If you are thinking about it as a Christmas gift I would buy it early. We bought ours around Thanksgiving last year and did not see another one in the store until after Christmas.

I love this leappad it is so easy for little hands to use and so easy to pick up on activites that both my 2 yr old and 5 yr have one of their own. The games have so many activites, and it teaches everything form spelling to reading and everything in between. My son loves the camera and has everyone pose for pictures, now if he would snap and wait for the pic ture to appear before he moved it :)

My son got this for his birthday and he plays it everyday. come to find out, he now has a second grade level status at only 4 yrs old! awesome learning tool!

My son has the LeapPad and does enjoy it. There is a camera and an option to morph pictures which he loves - nothing like turning mom's picture all topsy turvy! The games are very nice - I try to keep an eye out for sales to help keep the costs down. I do have some issues with the price of both cartridges and downloadable content - It is hard when you can get an iPad app for $1.99 or even free, but a similar app for this is $7 or more. Its not to say they are bad apps, but its just harder to justify the extra cost when I know I can find something as equally suitable for less. I will say this is definitely rough and tumble too - my son has dragged it, dropped it, sat on it and buried it under toys and it is holding its own so that makes me very happy! Even with the price of content I would most likely buy this again.

This is great for my four yeard old. even my 11 year son likes to play with it. I wish I had this before I boughht her an iPod. The leap pad is much more geared to education!

We bought a leap pad for our 3 year old granddaughter last Christmas and it's still her favorite toy. She has learned to write her name by tracing the letters in one of the games that came with the Leap Pad. There is a camera on it, and it can also play videos that come with the games. She uses it in the car whenever they go someplace and it keeps her occupied in a good way as it's educational. She loves the doodle program! She prefers the cartridges over buying downloads because she feels so grown up putting them in and taking them out, but either way there are many options for upgrades as the child continues to learn the lessons presented by each game. Her parents keep her time on it limited or else she would be on it all day! I know it's not recomended for children her age, but there are many programs that are suited to a curious child of 3 and like I said, she's learned to write her name all by herself. :-) In this age of computers I think it's a good option as an introduction to a handheld PC.

Great product. My niece loves using her leapPad. She feels like she has an Ipad.

My nieces love this product and it keeps them busy on car rides

My daughter loves her leappad. I just wish the batteries lasted longer then 2-3 days!

I don't normally write reviews but we love the LeapPad so much I had to! I waited for a few months before writing one since it is a new product. My son (5 years) got this for Christmas along with a few of the games. He loves this thing! He can work on his writing, listening skills and all the games truly teach reading, writing and math. I had one set of recharables for Christmas morning and already set it up on the computer ( make sure you do this before handing this off to you kiddo) I have since got another set of recharables, this thing eats the batteries fast, for only 99.99 I did not expect a battery system for it. Over all LOVE, LOVE, and my son could not love it any more then he already does!

Love it! I like that the LeapPad from Leapfrog combines learning and fun. The LeapPad is recommended for children ages 4-9. That makes 3 out of 5 for me. I'm a homeschooler, and it can be difficult to motivate my young children. I like the way you can by games, e-books and apps. You can also watch full length movies by Leapfrog which are also educational. The LeapPad offers awards to get kids even more excited. The design is also great. It'll leave your kids feeling even a little extra special because they have a tablet with a screen that responds to touch. The LeapPad has a camera which allows your kids to take pictures and shoot videos and have fun by adding their own personal touch.

My granddaughters love this product (3-6 years old). Very educational games and hours of learning. It seems very durable and the games are very reasonably priced. Makes a good entertainment source for car trips.

I wanted to save the leappad for a Christmas present, but we recently had an 18 hour drive across country, so I gave it to my 3.5 year old early. The thing is amazing! It kept her entertained through a great deal of the trip. Yes, it is $99, but keep in mind the games run about $25 and then there is the battery situation. It takes 4 AA, and boy does it run through them! I will be purchasing the AC adapter and rechargeable batteries soon. I also want to caution any parents that plan on giving this to their child Christmas morning... It takes a while to get it set up. So you may want to open the package early and download the program before giving it. By no means are these complaints... just things I wish I had known in advance. I loved Leapfrog products before, but they have outdone themselves...