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  • JaimeLar By  JaimeLar    

    These are a fun chocolate alternative to a real high fat brownie. They have a good chocolate flavor with bits of chocolate in them. Really like them for an easy low calorie treat! I have also enjoyed other flavors they offer- especially the lemon! It's great!

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  • veronicajo By  veronicajo    

    Fiber One Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownies this taste so good I checked the box twice to make sure it really was 90 Calories. I love these. great go to snack.

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  • RoschelleD By  RoschelleD    

    This is an awesome snack. Quite yummy, satisfies my chocolaty cravings and its only 90 Cal... talk about genius!!!

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  • tay2517 By  tay2517    

    these brownies give me my chocolate fix & make me feel full for hours! love them!

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  • 2carrie2 By  2carrie2    

    These brownies are good to eat eat with lot's of fiber. They are small but they hit the spot!

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  • lfreas2 By  lfreas2    

    my favorite way to get chocolate and fiber. the cookie is soft the flavor is good and its not a super tiny portion either

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  • simplyvall5 By  simplyvall5    

    I wish i could give this product 10 stars there is no better way to put an end to chocolate cravings than this. I absolutely love them and my kids like them to easy, healthy alternative to snacking for ever one

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  • AMy64091 By  AMy64091    

    just tastes like a snack

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  • CelesteJak By  CelesteJak    

    They taste great BUT if you have ANY type of digestive condition or a very slow metabolism (I am hypothyroid..very hypothyroid) or chronic constipation due to medications you must take, these are a very bad idea. I am on medication that can constipate me and have several medical problems and I saw these on TV and thought they might help with the constipation since they are so high in fiber. They did a bit at first. Because I am always constipated I didn't really notice when it got worse. What ended up happening was a nightmare. These things packed up in my body and made two huge wedges of stool which took two full days of agony along with hands of stool softeners, Miralax, enemas and Tronolane to pass and caused a blood clot in one of the hemorrhoids I have. Just be very, very careful if you use these and do not use them at all if you have slow digestion or chronic constipation. Believe me, passing those rock hard, huge stools and dealing with the aftermath is horrible.

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  • morethanamama By  morethanamama    

    I'm used to eating low cal stuff so these satisfy my sweet tooth. Especially when I add a little whip cream on top!

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  • jackrocks By  jackrocks    

    I love these brownies. My kids even ask for me to put these in their lunch. Had to start buying value box size of 12 !

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  • HappyKat101 By  HappyKat101    

    They are delicious and a great way to have dessert without undoing your day I keep a little stash of them at work time for when I need a little something to satisfy my sweet tooth, these are great!!!

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  • Aimless161 By  Aimless161    

    Something was amiss with these, not my fav.

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  • jmartin0609 By  jmartin0609    

    Tried ans did not like

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  • Treezee By  Treezee    

    A nice alternative to regular brownies. Very satisfying without the guilt.

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