Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook

Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook

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I received this as a gift and love the recipes! Good variety. My favorite is still the peanut butter cookie recipe that my mom used when I was a kid. Also like that their is a measuring conversion chart.

This is a classic. I love using this cookbook in my home.

This was a staple in my mother's kitchen and has been a staple in my own kitchen for many years. When my daughter left home, I bought one for her because I know she will use many great recipes and tips from this book. It is a great book for a shower or someone just starting out on their own. Classic.

My parents had this cookbook while I was growing up. I love it. When got married, I bought myself one. 14 years later, I'm still using it. It teaches a lot of basic recipes and cooking methods.

This was my very first cook book as a young bride back in the sixties. I still have it and it's the best. Someday I will hand it down to my daughter, but not yet.

Received this cookbook when we got married as a gift. Definitely one of my go-to cookbooks for the kitchen!

Love it , easy to use. Every cook needs this in their collection

Classic cookbook. A staple everyone should have. I have many cookbooks and always refer back to the Better Homes and Garden cookbook.

If there was only one cookbook in the world, we would all be fine with this one. It has a little of everything. All your basic foods, and ideas to doctor them up.

I am a new cook and my Mama bought me this for Christmas and I have to say It has taught me alot I am still learning but this is a great cookbook for the up and coming home chef.

This cookbook is classic great to have on hand I'd love to read all the recipes and try to mix them by myself

I think this is an iconic cookbook that everyone needs in their kitchen. We have been enjoying these recipes in our family since I was a little girl.

I enjoy my Better Homes and gardens cookbooks, I have had three of them over the years and still refer to it when I cook.

When I was little I would get recipes out of this book on making cookies and random things that sounded good! I need to find another one for me since the one i used was my moms. Oh brings back memories.

I received this cook book as a gift. I am NOT a good cook, but at least I know enough of the basics I can make a variety of edible meals for my family. Almost everything I've learned about cooking has been in this book! This is not an exaggeration and my family would attest to everything I've said here. The instructions are easy to follow and the recipes are simple enough to avoid being overwhelming. I am already using this book to learn along with my teen daughter. I'll have to buy one for her when she leaves the house because she can't have mine!