Irma S. Rombauer Joy of Cooking

Irma S. Rombauer Joy of Cooking

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I really enjoy cooking from this cookbook. There are so many recipes I use in this book. Some of them I follow exactly as written. Others I change just a few things to my own liking. The directions are easy to follow. There are recipes for most anyone, depending upon your taste in foods. I tend to grocery shop purchasing what's on sale and then determining what I will make with the foods I bought. I can go to the index of the Joy of Cooking cookbook, look up some of the ingredients I bought and find a recipe using these particular foods. It's wonderful having such a diverse cookbook!

I love this cookbook.. It is great for all the basics. Easy to follow. I use it as a guide and then do my own thing. Good for all around cooking.

A classic and a must have. More than just a comprehensive collection of recipes, it has definitions, cooking terms and guides to cooking methods.


A classic cookbook for any kitchen. Has very useful information about ingredients as well.

I just love cooking, just about any dish, and so cookbooks fascinate me. I have read different issues of "Jpy of cooking" and just loved the recipies. They are simple and easy and anyone can follow them. I would definitely recommend all to read them.

I received this cookbook at my wedding shower many years ago..used it so much the binding I bought another brand new, updated copy.Honestly I don't know what I would ever do without this book. So many recipes for Thanksgiving dinner items we serve, Cookies for the holidays, swedish meatballs. I started out a novice cook..using this book has helped me hone my cooking skills. Highly recommended!

My all time favorite go to cookbook, and one I always find myself going back to. I remember as a child, my mom's edition (in the early 50's) was sent to her each month, chapter by chapter....a 5x7 book. She treasured those books. When I married in the late 60's I was so very thrilled to be able to purchase the bound edition. ..which I have to this day, along with my Mom's 50's booklet edition. One of my favorite potato recipes is the, twice baked sausage stuffed potatoes. And the pound cake with mace as one of the ingredients is the very best. Truly classic comfort food recipes. Everything you need to know about cooking is held in this book. Always a JOY with The Joy Of Cooking

This is a classic book that I will always enjoy returning too always. I am Hungarian/Romanian so people just automatically assume that is all that type of cuisine I make. Well they are incorrect and soon find out when I pull of "Joy of Cooking" just how versatile my cooking can make. One pro about this book, is after a hard days work or college, it is one book you can pull out that is filled with inspiration and composed very well to read and follow even after a difficult, stressful day. I Love This Book and I own about 30 different cookbooks! =)

My teenage daughter has never picked up a cookbook or a mixing spoon, however for the past year she has been using the Joy of Cooking for making her favorite chocolate chip cookies!! Unbelievable! They were so delicious that they (her siblings and her) made them for the Holidays as gifts. I love my cookbook!

Everyone needs this cookbook. It's like the Bible of cookbooks. It has everything from measurements, to techniques, and how to do everything in cooking. This should be the first thing you refer to when you're a beginner, or looking for more advanced techniques. I've had my copy for over 30 years, and I contstantly am reverting back to it for tons of answers to everything about cooking. Enjoy!

The Joy of Cooking is a classic book for everyone that loves to cook. The books explains step by step how do cook. This is another great book.

I absolutely love this cookbook. When we downsized and moved into a smaller place, this was one of three cookbooks that I kept. I have never had a disaster with ANY recipe I have ever used from this book and everything is clear, easy to read and assemble and fun to make. Best of all, just about anything you want to learn about's there!! If there was one cookbook I think everyone should have and use.....Joy of Cooking is the one!!

My mother used this book while I was growing up and I use this book in my kitchen now. This is the one book that every mother should have in their kitchen. It should almost be a family heirloom.

Best Kitchen Resource EVER. Not just for recipes, but also for how to prep and prepare every food item you can think of. We belong to a CSA and sometimes when we get our fruits and veggies delivered we are presented with a vegetable we have simply never had or purchased before--and we have no idea how to clean, prepare or cook it. The Joy of Cooking has never let us down and we always come away feeling knowledgable and inspired to try our new food stuffs.