Pampered Chef Pie Crust Shield

Pampered Chef Pie Crust Shield

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Awesome no more burnt crust for me!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this product. So much easier than trying to keep foil on the edge of the pie crust. You'll never have another burnt pie crust again.

I have been looking for this for 2 days! People and sales associates looking at me like it does not exist!! I really want/need this! I am tired of fiddling with the foil! Where can I find in store???!!!

This is so easy & convenient to use! No worrying about burning your fingers wrapping foil around the crust....just pop this over and it will keep your crust looking great!

I have not tried this product out yet, but it seems much better than aluminum foil. I will have to get me one of these!

I do not have this yet but have heard it is really good and better than foil. I plan on ordering it before the holidays.

This is a must have during the holidays or for any pie making. I love this and I love Pampered Chef!

This is a great new product. Everyone who enjoys making pies should really try this instead to having to cut foil.

This is well worth the money if you bake pies. Instead of cutting the foil, lay this on the crust and it bakes beautifully.

I believe the Pampered Chef pie guards are the best. Even though you can get less costly ones, these really hold up and are great.

I love this pie shield. I had always struggled with putting foil around the edges and having it stay put. After years of hearing me complain my husband purchased the pie shield for me. A co-worker brought a Pampered Chef book to his work. He had no clue what to order and felt obligated to buy something since she bought girl scout cookies from him. As soon as he saw the pie shield he new just what to order. So easy and secure on muy pies, and no more burnt edges or my burnt fingers trying to re-position the foil.

Instead of aluminum foil, which is flimsy, and hard to put on a hot pie pan, I use this, it goes on and off easily! It has saved many pies from a charred disaster!!

Comparing this to the alternative of aluminum foil would seem sufficient. It is flimsy, however, makes the process go much faster than aluminum foil.

This sounds like a great idea. I would love to find it in a store to try, as we don't have Pampered Chef reps in my area.

Without testing it I can't give it 5 stars,but I think that this is a great idea