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  • alwaysblabbing By  alwaysblabbing    

    The food saver vacuum sealer is a great product while it last. I have brought 4 of them because they only last 6 months. After that they stop sealing and there is not you can do to fix it. I have brought the food saver cheaper version and the most expensive with the same results. None of them worked over 6 months.

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  • Madegan By  Madegan    

    I just bought a foodsaver 3200 and love it!!! It does just what is says it will do. I wish I had bought one years ago.

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  • sholy1 By  sholy1    

    I have one of these and absolutely love it. It keeps food from getting freezer burned. The bags are quite expensive though. In fact I love it so much that I bought two more the other day for gifts.

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  • jackrocks By  jackrocks    

    Keeps food frost free. Perfect to use when they have a great meat sale at supermarket so you can buy in bulk and dtore some for later

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  • tiggernu2 By  tiggernu2    

    I have been using Food Saver products for over 10 years. I recently upgraded to the V3835. This one stands up tall on the counter. I use the Food Saver for sealing and freezing meats, soups, and fresh vegetables. It can also be used to reseal bags of pre-bagged foods. I love it for the sealing frozen veggies and salads. It is definatley worth the price in the long run.

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  • usafmom63 By  usafmom63    

    I love my Food Saver. Buying the bags on a roll to cut is the best way to for value whys. The only thing is that I have trouble sizingup the bags. Just the sae I LOVE IT.

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  • SawdustOnMyBoots By  SawdustOnMyBoots    

    I am a big fan of the food saver. We sue it on lots of things, from meat to be frozen to less-often used snacks in our pantry. When I come across a bulk deal on nuts, I also buy them up, divide them up into food saver bags and save them for Christmas baking. I do think my food saver has helped me save loads of money and cut down on waste. It is super easy to use, in fact I think most people get the hang of it after just one try! I do agree that the bags on the roll seem to be the best value, and making the exact size you need is priceless!

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  • TinaRofo By  TinaRofo    

    Our son got one of these food savers before he left for the Appalachian Trail 2 1/2 years ago. Since you have to mail yourself food it was great to buy bulk and be able to divide it into serving size packages. Now we use it for the bulk meats that we buy at the food saver clubs. Great product!

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  • wood5005 By  wood5005    

    I love this product. I love being able to buy in bulk, separate into smaller packages and freeze without worrying about anything. I use this for everything...I buy fresh vegetables in the summer, cook and freeze. I just made homemade french fries and put them in one of these bags to freeze. I usually buy the rolls as they are cheaper than the pre-cut bags and are helpful because you can make a bag as big or as small as you need it, and usually can make a lot more bags than what is offered when you buy the pre-cut bags. Only downside to the rolls is if you forget to seal one side before putting items in the bag...easily remedied though.

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  • DebraA By  DebraA    

    Since I buy alot of things in bulk, especially meat, I got one of these for my home several years ago. It is so easy to use and does a great job. It helps us to save alot of money by buying in bulk and packaging the food on our own. They are even starting to sell these in a stainless steel finish for the more modern kitchen.

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  • amandastorm By  amandastorm    

    My mother in law has one of these, and she loves it! We make eggplant pharm together all the time and we always have left over eggplant, with this we can save it and not worry about freezer burn

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  • cryandjoseph By  cryandjoseph    

    i got this for christmas and love keeps meat from getting freezer burn. Before getting this i throw out lots off money on my frozen food now i dont

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  • love4999 By  love4999    

    I love it because I bulk shop for meats. I just wish the bags were cheaper. I do get a great deal at BJ's on the bags from time to time. I have never tried cheese, but I think I might since everything else has held up so well!

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  • SLM1978 By  SLM1978    

    Love it!!! You save money buying meat in bulk - using the food saver vacuum and freezing the meat. Plus, I grind my own pork and beef so it make that procees of freezing the freshly ground meat very easy.

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  • branchpartyof5 By  branchpartyof5    

    I love my Foodsaver Vacuum appliance. I use it for everything from burger and chicken breasts to fresh berries, vegetables, bread, and cheese. I make fruit smoothies several mornings a week so when I find deals on fresh fruit, I get plenty and vacuum seal it and put it in the freezer. I can take out a package, open it, use what I need and reseal it to put back in the freezer. It keeps meat freezer burn free and I can easily organize my freezer with the see through packaging and ability to label the packages.

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