Gyro Bowl Children's No Spill Bowl

Gyro Bowl Children's No Spill Bowl

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It's a great concept but it isn't totally spill-proof and the food items get caught between the parts that spin.

If you ever catch yourself contemplating this item in the impulse aisle... DON'T DO IT. It's not worth even "trying" to see how it works. It's a good concept, but not for kids under 3. I poured a small handful of cheerios in the bowl and handed it to my 1 year old and her older sister (3). Within moments they had the entire bowl scattered on the floor. It's easy for ONE cheerio to get stuck between the bowl and the outer casing to where the bowl won't gyrate anymore.

I did not like this at all, complete waste of money

my bf bought this for his nephew and it does not work...the cereal still spilled and it was useless

My daughter proved it can still spill =).

Not perfect- you can spill out of it but mostly it works. My nephew loves to dump things out so he figured out the trick on this product is to move fast. For the most part and for when he isnt working to be a bugger, the bowl is stable and you don't spill the cereal out.

Not a good item. It still spills. Don't waste your $12!

I bought one of these bowl in hopes that my 6 grandchildren (4 under the age of 2) could have one without spill as they have their snacks. I get it put goldfish in it and I proceed to do what it was suppose to do. I had goldfish all over my floor. The inner bowl is suppose to rotate in 360 degrees and it does but you have spills. When I took the bowl back to where I bought it I was told that they had a basket full of these bowl being returned. I had to give one star but I would not recommend it for younger children as it states.