V8 Splash Berry Blend

V8 Splash Berry Blend

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It's little healthy but I am not a big fan of V8

Actually I dislike V8 Splash

i buy all the time!! i love the taste the price. they should do it bigger like a plus size family. :D my kids love them.

my grandkids love v8 and so do I it is expensive but so worth the price kids and adults get all the vitamins they miss with not eating right Great Stuff

Another one of my favorite juices love this stuff and try to drink it weekly.

I like it

I don't typically like V8 juices but this is good and healthier than pop!

Yummy, inexpensive, a little high on the sugar but all over a great product

great product, great price point. a little high in the sugar department but what juice isn't. great flavor and exceptional way to sneak some extra fruit and veggies down when you are a little short in that department for the day.

I love the fact that you get your fruits and vegetables as well.I love the fruity taste to these drinks. They are such a good drink for the summer as well.

This is my favourite V8! Has a pleasant flavour, AND a serving of veggies in it!

Yum! I love the V8 splash drinks, as well as the V8 Fusion drinks. My 4-year-old daughter loves them, too. My local Fry's always has these on sale, so we buy quite a bit. We always go back for more. :)

This juice is very good. I have never liked anything V8 until i tried this. Not something I would buy all the time, but it's good for a change.

My family likes the taste of this juice, but the price makes it a little hard to buy unless it's on sale.

This is the best juice - we buy it all the time and it never lasts more than a couple days.