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Well organized web site with lots of excellent prompts for being aware and in the moment. Heavy on the flash, though. I liked the "moments" they were short and well-put together.

This website is beautiful and so relaxing to look at. There are so many things on there to hold your interest, from breathing exercises to lessons about how to reduce stress, that you could spend all day if you weren't careful! The Cerra products are also amazing, and very reasonably priced for the quality and care that is put into them. I highly recommend this website to anyone who needs to take time for themselves to de-stress from a busy life!

I love this it makes me want to stop and relax. follow the instruction and calm down. i am taking a moment for myself. releasing the tension and bad energy. i love this site. now going to calm down and drink my cerra tea.

I received my Cerra sampler kit and was very pleased and excited to try all the products. I absolutely love the fragranced oil! It has this clean, crisp scent. I thought the idea of having "disposable" notes was the coolest thing. After having a stressful day, you can jot down a feeling, thought, or maybe let out a frustration on one of those little papers - then, let it go. Once it dissolves, you feel a weight lifted and can now move on with your day. I haven't yet used the tea bags, but will this weekend. I have to admit was a bit skeptical about Cerra.com and its products, but if you try any of the relaxation techniques and/or the Cerra products, you'll be a believer. Thanks SheSpeaks for the offer!

I recently recieved my sampler kit in the mail! I love the website so far and I love the lotion! It smells so good and peaceful! I am boiling water for a cup of the Grounded tea right now.... I could use it!

Just got my sampler kit in the mail and will be starting my "Cerra experience" tomorrow!! Excited to try the teas and write in my new journal!

Wonderful site for busy moms! I love their products!

I LOVED the website - I just checked it out after receiving the package and wish I did this a long time ago! I love the Cerra Moments; I tried two of their exercises and now feel relaxed and more aware of my body and surroundings. Because things have been especially crazy in my life, this website serves as a nice reminder to take time out for myself, to focus on my breathing and overall relaxation, so I feel ready to face life again. Because it's on the website, it's handy than say, a book. Furthermore, and this was the most important aspect of the website experience, it is accessible to those with hearing losses. It sounded like almost all the voice over had corresponding text appear on the screen so I was able to follow along the exercises. Thank you Cerra for this wonderful tool, and for making it accessible!

Cerra is a great website! I love the "me moments" - they help me unwind and relax. I got the rest of my sampler kit in the mail today and I was really excited about the dissolving notes. They are a lot of fun and very neat! I also received the creative energy sensory oil and it is amazing. It's very refreshing. Can't wait to start using the notecards!

Terrific website. I love the simplistic approach to every day activities, and I have already enjoyed the Me Moments. The music is sublime! They sent me a sampler pack of the 7 fragrances, and I am having a hard time deciding which I like the best. I may have to get one of each! I seriously recommend this website as a welcome break from your daily routine - now news, no gossip, just quiet time of solitude and relaxation. I love it!

SO relaxing and helps me to remember myself after watching over three little ones. thank you so much! Love it!

I love this website!!! cerra.com should be recommended to anyone and everyone. I just took "a moment" and did the breathing exercises, wow, I didn't know breathing simply could relax me. I am going to recommend this site to all my friends. I can't wait to try more moments and explore cerra.com some more. Me time is important and this site really makes me time special without having to worry about you even getting dressed!

This was something special. Since the inception of the internet few site concepts stand out for me...AOL, Netscape, Chat Rooms, E-Mail, Facebook, and now Cerra.com. It was a completely different experience for me. I never imagined finding a relaxing, calming, centering, informative WEBSITE. Really? The Take a Moment Experience was so soothing that I immediately wanted to do it again and sent it on to my friends and family whom I thought could use a moment of their own. The products were also a enticing, though I have yet to buy any I certainly will keep my eye on them. I recommend the sight to any woman who lives a hectic, responsibility filled lifestyle and just needs to get away!

I love the Cerra website, everything about it is calming and that's just what I need as a busy mom. It's easy to get overwhelmed and Cerra gives you the tips you need to get back to yourself. I only wish that they offered more products because I would love to buy gifts for all of my girlfriends and I would like a wider variety of scents. I am a life coach and personal astrologer and I reccommend this website to all of my clients. Cerra is educating the population about aromatherapy and I love that!

I believe the website could be more organized when it comes to the products. For example, instead of grouping things together based on what balance you are looking for, they could have a section that groups their "Dissolving note sets," and journals all together. As in, instead of having to search through your specific category of enlightenment, all of the note sets, journals, and etc, appear together. Other than that, it's a completely new kind of site. I enjoy how Cerra has forums, and you can search for products, by your unique search into enlightenment. (as aforementioned, just wish you didn't have to do that all the time. If you wanna replace the product, there should be an alternate way of browsing.) One other issue I had with the site, is the small amount of products. What Cerra is about is great, but wished they had more things to look into. What about bath beads/oils, popery, scented bracelets, or other items that can help remind you of those relaxing times during a hectic week? Scent is one of the stronger senses that we have, it is more likely to trigger memories, so why not capitalize on more ideas? A final note, Cerra's information on each scent and it's purpose is well executed, purposeful, useful, and "enlightening." I tend to partake in my far share of "New Age," experiences (Yoga/mind and body exercises/natural healing) however, I did not know about some of the scents and what they stand for before visiting Cerra. They have truly expanded my knowledge and cognition on herbal therapies, and I plan on experimenting with those products very soon!