Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Colors

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Colors

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Perfect size for a snack for kids or adults.

I really like the idea of the 100 calorie pack with any snack, plus I like goldfish so obviously putting the two together is a great idea to me. Not to mention the different colors make it super exciting to eat! Love this.

A must have and staple in our home.

Oh my goodness, I eat these ever single day almost and they are just my favorite snack. You can really taste the cheese in them too!

These are the best cracker snack EVER!!!! And they are shaped like fish! Cute!! They are good with soups and sandwiches and basically everything!

great salty snack

Grandkids love these and I sneak a few too.

These are so great. They taste good, are fun to eat, and make a great snack!

The colorful goldfish crackers are very eye-catching to kids, however the flavor is not exactly the same as the plain yellow. The plain ones seem to be more flavorful and my kids agree. Also, the colors do stain little hands.

Both my kids love this snack and I must confess i do too!! Can't get enough of them. YUM YUM

Handy snacks and very yummy!

For my youngest daughter these are the ones! Still cheesy with the colors to catch the kids eyes. I think she likes to play with them as she eats. They are great to take as a quick snack or to have a bowl full at a party.

Maybe it's the food dyes that make them taste funky. Not a far. Get the origInal

good snack alwasy took to school with. my son when he was in pr-k

While I resisted 100-calorie packs for a long time (they seemed overpriced and wasteful) I finally realized that having the built-in portion control was worth it for me. Plus, everyone loves Goldfish crackers! These make the perfect side to my standard lunch soup at work-- just enough to feel like a treat without going overboard.