DiGiorno  Half & Half Pizza

DiGiorno Half & Half Pizza

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Digiorno is the best frozen pizza. The Digiorno half and half pizza is great for parties or for multiple kids that like a certain topping. Its cooked in the oven and has that amazing fresh pizza taste.

Great for two people to share. It's just enough pizza. Also this brand tastes fresher than many frozen pizzas. So it's a "yes" vote for me.

It really is better than delivery!!!

Hands down the best brand of frozen pizza on the market!

Love it

I purchased this as a last minute meal idea. I was not very impressed especially for the price I paid :(

Store brand is better...


I love that it is half and half so that you don't buy 2 pizzas BUT I am not a big fan of the taste!

Sorry, but I have to say that a store brand pizza is better that a DiGiorno's pizza any day! I brought this and the pepperoni tasted like a wet dog would smell!!! It went to the trash!! I thought it was just that pizza, so when the store offered me an exchanged, I tried it again it smelled and tasted fine, but one hour later, we all were sick in the stomach. I again thought it was a fluke, so I purchased another DiGiorno pizza and got the same results. I normally don't like to bad mouth a product but after three times, I feel people need to know.

Can no one beat the Taste and satisfaction of this Pizza we "LOVE " it, something for everyone

This is great...and ob the creator has two kids who one likes one thing and other nothing but cheese. thxs thxs and thxs :o)

My daughter likes the Cheese side, my son likes the Pepperoni side. Something for everyone -- pizza harmony!