Baby Mum-Mum Rice Biscuits

Baby Mum-Mum Rice Biscuits

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Babys first snack This has always been each my baby's first solid snack. They dissolve easily as soon as baby out in thei mouth. However, they also last a while, so baby is entertained for a while with them. Lol. We love the banana ones

Go to snack for the littles. This is the one snack ANY baby likes. Its the shape of a surfboard and it is easy to bite for babies with little to no teeth. Melts in the mouth. Best part aside from the great cost, they are individually packaged. That right there is a busy mom hack!

Love these My babies always loved these rice rusk. They melt fast so choking isn't a huge problem. They taste good. They come in good size box's with plenty in them for an excellent price. We will keep buying these!

Baby Mum-Mum Rice Biscuits Baby Mum-Mum Rice Biscuits Was really nice for my baby when he was teething and he loved it Good ingredients

Favorite snack Both my kids LOVE these for teething and snacking. It's great to keep them occupied

We love them in our household! I love the variety of Mum-Mums and that they're non-gmo. I know other parents who find them messy, but my chunky baby eats every last drop!

Good for teething baby's :). Can be messy when they eat them . Lol

Nice snack for child These rice biscuits are a nice, first time snack for your little one. They are easily dissolved in the baby's mouth and come in a variety of flavors such as sweet potato and apple cinnamon. They are nice that the child can hold them in their hands and eat them on their own which gives the child a sense of independence. Not to mention, these biscuits are nice and individually wrapped and you can take them on the go with you. The rice biscuits that I bought come in a pack with two rice biscuits per pack which is great for the child. I would highly recommend this sncak to parents.

Absolutely must have for teething An absolute must have for teething babies! When my son was smaller he went crazy for these tasty treats, and they dissolved instantly so I was worried about choking. When he started getting upset over the pain in his mouth we would hand him one right away and it really seemed to help, also great to have on hand for just a convenient snack.

I first heard about these when my son's daycare teacher asked us to buy some because my little guy was swiping these from the other kids in the infant room. The Mum-mums provide a satisfying crunch and probably some relief for his aching gums too. My child is not particularly fond of sweets (I know, right?!?) so his favorite is the Vegetable one, and I'd have to agree with him because it's pretty good! He has eight teeth now and he's still having these as snacks.

These taste AWESOME These rock! They come in packs of 2, so they are the perfect snack to take along while you and baby are out shopping, or running errands (one for now, one for later). They actually taste GREAT too, it's been hard at times for me not to sneak bites of my daughters Mum Mums. They are a nice shape that is easy for babies to hold, my daughter started eating them when she was about 8 months old, and could hold it and bite pieces off by herself under supervision. They have a nice crunch, which is a good sensory experience for baby, but as soon as they are in your mouth they dissolve immediately (I've tested this myself), so there is little risk of choking. I know my daughter always lights up when she sees a pack of these in my hand. If you haven't heard of them or haven't tried them for your child, I would certainly recommend picking some up!

Perfect for teething babies! These were perfect for my kids when they were babies, my son loved these and they were perfect for when he was teething. They taste great to babies and melt pretty fast so they are perfect for those who are starting solids and the best part is a pack should last you a while.

Mum mums My little one loves these crackers and I like that they don't leave any messes behind! I like how many come in a box/package, they last for a good bit!

I would recommend These are great. Short list of ingredients which I liked about the product. Baby seems to enjoy the taste. Great for babies transitioning to chewing solids.

My babies loved them Both of my daughters ate these when they were teething. They come in organic and non organic as well as a few flavors. They are packaged 2 to a pack inside the box which is perfect for any outing. The melt very quickly too for babies who are just starting to explore solids.