Baby Mum-Mum Rice Biscuits

Baby Mum-Mum Rice Biscuits

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Oh man, my baby devoured these!

My daughter loves these, and they dissolve so they aren't as much of a choking hazard as other teething biscuits, you still have to monitor the baby eating them of course.

How fast can you burn through a box of these in my house..the answer is 15 min! I love that my toddler and my nephews have all found a snack that makes the num num num sound come out of their mouths..disappear and I feel good about the ingredients and the fact that they are good and good for them! I feel that the fine texture is safe for them..I cannot keep them in stock in my house!!

Love these!! Both my kids loved these!! Good for self feeders.

I personally find these to be extremely bland, but I guess that's just what my daughter likes. She can't get enough!

My boys loved these when they were teething. I tried one, and it instantly dried my lips up LOL funny moments.

i love these crackers...that both me and my daughter can share lol...when she first started teething i was trying to find some kind of cracker for her and these were perfect...because they come in different flavours...they were not messy at all and they are i didnt need to worry about her choking on them...also you can take them on the go since they are individually packed in the has great subscribe and save price for them

this is great for your child when they are first learning to hold and eat something by themselves

My daughter loves these. I admit i love them too! Great low calorie snack. Melts in mouth of course i chew ;) I go through a few boxes of these and the strawberry ones a week!

My son loves these and I love them because they dissolve easily. He eats them for snacks between meals.

So much easier than teething bicuits. These dissolve instead of adhering themselves to your baby.

definally a go get it

My kids loved these...they aren't messy and are easy for little fingers to hold. They dissolve quickly and are a perfect snack or teething biscuit.

This is one of the first solid I gave my son. He loved them them. I liked that the disolve in his mouth so I didn't worry about him choking on it.I don't like that they lack flavor but little ones don't seem to mind that.

my son loved these. they are great for a little snack for your growing little ones.