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  • cleanliving By  cleanliving    

    This product is great. I have my whole family using it - has stopped our sinus infections that pledged some family members every winter.

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  • lorimangnall1 By  lorimangnall1    

    Safe and effective, doesn't burn. I will use again!!!!

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  • Sharpnack By  Sharpnack    

    I've been using this product for over 10 years after sinus surgery. Simply, it works!!!

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  • Menkus By  Menkus    

    I struggle with congestion and sinus infections all the time. This helps clear it up every time, without medications. It also helps with my allergies when my nose won't stop itching and the sneezing won't stop. I will never be without these and my Neti Pot.

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  • GabrielleRenay By  GabrielleRenay    

    Does not work for me; one of my nasal passages is blocked so the liquid can not pass from one nostrail to the next boo! lol But my mother loves it!

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  • corabishop By  corabishop    

    This is great for clogges sinuses and sinus infections. The best part is that it is drug free! As soon as I start feeling congested I use this and it helps clear it up.

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  • msnail79 By  msnail79    

    This is great for people like me who frequently have congestion and other sinus symptoms. I like that is is drug-free and it feels very soothing to rinse my nose out with nice warm water. Before I started using this I was taking so many decongestants, but now I hardly use any drugs, only if I have a really bad cold or the flu. Cleaning the bottle can be a little annoying, but overall this product is great and I have recommended it to lots of friends and family. Even my young nieces have used it when they bring colds home from school!

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  • WifeMomFriend By  WifeMomFriend    

    I have used these during cold and allergy season and they really help to rinse out the congestion in my head. They have prevented a sinus infection from setting in and the need to go to a doctor for an antibiotic. I use these each time I start to get clogged up and use until the majority of the drainage is gone.

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  • amy6901 By  amy6901    

    hate hate hate the feeling of drowning with this product. filled my ears with water for 2 days. will not use again. advil cold and sinus.

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  • AndreaMWilliams By  AndreaMWilliams    

    I swear by these! Were I live, it is very dry in the winter time and a sinus cleans is the only thing that helps me get some relief.

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  • detailedliving By  detailedliving    

    My son gets frequent sinus infections and a friend of mine recommended that he use the NeilMed Sinus Rinse packets once per day. I was extremely skeptical since he has always needed antibiotics to clear his infections. This past week he had symptoms of a beginning sinus infection again (congestion, post nasal drip) and we starting 'flushing' his nose out with the NeilMed Sinus Rinse twice per day. I was shocked how much mucus came out of his nose. After a few days of the rinse, he was clearly improving and by the end of the week, he showed no symptoms of an infection. We are now using the rinse to keep his sinuses clean and hoping to proactively reduce any future infections. It has become part of his daily routine, like brushing his teeth. Excellent product that I highly recommend.

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