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  • Maricarmen23 By  Maricarmen23    

    I love this it sets my make up and i don't have to worry about my make up running off

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  • vabeachbabe83 By  vabeachbabe83    

    Great Product!!! Spraying something on your face is a little different but it feels good when it hits your skin. Works great and leaves you with all day lasting make up!

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  • leximaxine By  leximaxine    

    Favorite setting spray of all time. Helps my makeup stay on ALL day.

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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    I love using it on my customers for big events. I use it on myself for them as well.

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  • GiselleAnnM By  GiselleAnnM    

    I feel weird applying spray to my face after makeup but this stuff is GOOD - it ALMOST feels sticky for the first couple seconds that it's still a little fresh on the face but after that it's perfect. You will definitely notice the difference in how long your makeup lasts when using this product. It keeps makeup fresh and perfect throughout the day.

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  • Sourgrl By  Sourgrl    

    Love it....

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  • Brandy29 By  Brandy29    

    Makeup stays on all night. Don't have to touch up my makeup. Good for oily skin which I have.

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  • Cirauloamanda By  Cirauloamanda    

    Sometimes it works really great. I work in a really hot building so it doesn't help that much while I'm at work, but on average days it's fine. For how much it is, I don't think I would re-purchase

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  • cjroxs27 By  cjroxs27    

    this stuff Works if used with Urban delay primer.MS the same stuff Disney princess's use to Set their makeup for walking Aranda park all day.Also greater wedding day.

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  • JessicaMaeSG By  JessicaMaeSG    

    I absolutely love this product. I use it after my primer and after my full makeup for an all day, all night lasting face. It's one of the best makeup setters I've ever used in my entire life. Flawless makeup guaranteed! LOVE it!

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  • Kristinbsmith By  Kristinbsmith    

    Love love love this setting spray!!! It is a bit expensive but this product is amazing I keep going back for more. This makes my make-up last all day and gives me a polished look. I do not know how I lived without it before. You can buy this at ulta or sephora in a smaller size for about $15 to give it a try, but trust me you will be going back for the full size!!

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  • wordsofthesongbird By  wordsofthesongbird    

    I love this and its the best setting spray I've used. Definitely a holy grail product.

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  • KitaJB By  KitaJB    

    Refreshing and it helps fix mess-ups fast! yay!

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  • crazybeautifulmakeup By  crazybeautifulmakeup    

    In my kit,in my overnight bag,I have repurchased this item many times. I always tell clients to pick it up. I use it before and after I apply makeup. It helps keep oil at bay and just gives a nice finish to your makeup,.

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  • Jaguar111 By  Jaguar111    

    I got this in the travel size at sephora for much less than the full size. I liked it but honestly I didn't see that much of a difference between this and E.L.F's setting spray. I went bak to ELF when this ran out I mostly like to use it to mit my fae after I do my make it as it just seems to finish everything and set it all in place. I don't think it make it's last any longer but still... elf's is only 3 bucks save your money for something else!

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