Sobe Lifewater

Sobe Lifewater

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I love these! Zero calories & mostly great flavors. There's only one or two flavors that I don't enjoy. While the aspartame is a concern, it just means that I save these as a special treat after a good workout.

I love some of the flavors, but others taste bad. So I am 50-50 on this product. but The flavors I do like I would have to give 4 stars!

I cant get past the asparitane after taste!

These taste very good! There are some really good flavors!

Absolutely love the Pacific Coconut! To tell the truth I don't care for any of the other flavors. The Coconut flavor is very hard to come by where I am from and I love it so much that whenever I see it, I buy at least 10!!

Love the pear apple. Very refreshing and light tasting.

pear apple is the BEST! I love lifewater and when we are on the go we always make sure we have some in the car for the kids. I like the light refreshing taste and the fact that they contain vitamins!!!

Great flavors & I love that they are zero calories and use a NATURAL sweetener instead of chemicals!!

I love Sobe Life Waters! The taste is great with tons of flavor! The newest ones though aren't so great.

I am always looking for new low / no calorie drinks that are not full of artificial ingredients. This is a good product with lots of different unique flavors to try. I have been pleased with most of them and feel they do not have a "fake" sweetner taste like some other products.

Tastes good, certainly better for you than higher calorie drinks. Tastes better than others like Propel, since they don't have a gross aftertaste. It's probably my favorite low-calorie flavored water.

I love this water. I skip some of the carbonated beverages in favor of this SoBe drink and I don't feel as bloated or gassy. Love it!

I love these! Cherry Pomegranate is my favorite!

love sobe my two favorites are fuji apple pear and yumberry pomegranite they are a wonderful alternative to people who have given up soda

I love it when I can get it on sale for a dollar at Target and end up taking a cartful to the check out. Love this wish it came in home delivery!!!!