HBO Game of Thrones

HBO Game of Thrones

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95% Recommended
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one of my favorite shows! I love how closely it has followed the books!

Great show! The production and character development is fantastic. I have a hard time waiting a year for the new season!

I am simply addicted to this show, and the book series for that matter. I can't wait to watch the new season!

I can quit any time I want! Who am I kidding? I am hooked. From the first scenes of the unfortunate patrol encountering White Walkers, I have not been able to get enough of the amazing characters, the thrills, the chills, the intrigue, and the dragons. Watch from the beginning and remember . . . winter is coming.

High quality show that is highly addictive. Everything corrupt is in this show- scandal, betrayal , incept and war. All in there. Watch it. Everyone is also extremely beautiful and talented. That should be motivation to watch as well. Great costumes.

addicted ! My hsbd go me into this, now I can't wait for the sex lol.

Best show since Lost. I wait anxiously every show night. I simply don't want to wait to watch on DVR. My husband also likes it and he can be a really hard sell. I cannot wait for next season. I recommend this to anyone who doesn't mind violence and often heartache. For that reason, I cannot recommend it to my Mom.

Addicted, completely addicted...having a very hard time waiting for the new season. This is def Must See T.V.

I could watch this show every week all year long. Plan on reading the books. Really don't care for my favorite characters dying off. The Red Wedding was very very sad and well bloody.

I am addicted to this show. This season has started off a little slow but still really good. Need more dragons and white walkers. Can't wait until Sunday.

One of my favorite tv shows I love the storyline dont like the sex scenes I like more of the story telling and action.

Very graphic, but actually better than the books!

Love this this, the only improvement would be to not to show every actor naked. I am sick of seeing the sex scenes. I really do not want to see porn on a very well written, smart tv show. the sex scenes can be implied no need to see them humping. I am thrilled when I do not have to see my favorite actors naked and or humping each other. this show can hold its own with out the porn, my kids from age 9 up woiuld love this and all it needs to increase viewers is leave out the porn.

i love everything about this show the story line and the filming are amazing takes a bit to learn all the storylines but once you do you are in for an exciting adventure

I really wanted to like this for showing butt kicking women but just couldn't get into it.