Cottonelle Fresh Flushable Moist Wipes

Cottonelle Fresh Flushable Moist Wipes

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Recommend this to all I love this brand they are outstanding! Thick and durable for kids but good for adults also what a perfect stocking stuffer keeps you cooler in the heat crisp and refreshing feeling I would buy this again in bulk

I love cottenelle products in general and these are very convenient for sure ( especially for potty training) highly recommend

great packaging, and makes you feel very clean and fresh, great product

Every she I got pregnant with my daughter I would have trouble feeling fresh and clean"down there" I bought these after my mother in law raved about how good they were. Best purchase ever! Now I never go without these again!

Very easy and convenient, I even take them for family trips.

these are so great love how they really do the trick at cleaning very well love these!!!!

These are AMAZING! I use them for many things- the most convenient product I have in my bathroom.

Very convenient!

I use these because I have a leakage problem and do not wish to leave any odors

These are great, fresh and sturdy. Especially useful when little ones need that extra care to ensure clean undies! Pair with cottonelle toilet paper for a luxurious bathroom trip! :-) Its also fun to be known as " the house with the good clip those sunday paper coupons and look for ones online to get great deals so you can splurge without breaking the bank.

I love having these in the bathroom. They have a great container that makes it so only one comes out and make me feel very fresh down there. It's also nice that they are flushable, so they don't just sit in the bathroom trash can. I've even had guests comment on how great they are which seems like the ultimate good review!

Originally I bought these just for my son when we went on vacation. He was barely four and still learning how to wipe, so these ended up being a life saver. They worked great, are super soft, and are compact enough to save space in an already crowded backpack. They even had a great scent. I loved them so much I've kept a travel size in my purse ever since.

I buy these for my seven year old. Makes everything easier for the both of us.

These work well. I use them all the time nice fresh sent.

My husband uses these and absolutely loves them.